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  1. Ausvisitor

    What income are we going to need?

    Thanks, that gives a ballpark to aim at
  2. Ausvisitor

    Priority Processing from VETASSESS

    Honestly I'm surprised the one true test of a management consultant is being able to recognise that sometimes it's worth paying for expert advice. (After all it's how you get paid). Anyone applying for MC without an agent is essentially saying they themselves don't see the value a consultant can bring. It's a really difficult career to get assessed and really easy to stray outside the narrow boundaries VetAssess set, a good agent is worth every penny in this process
  3. Ausvisitor


    For the 489 there are only a few, TAS, NT at the moment - this may change at the start of the New Finance Year in Australia. Are you sure you are a Management Consultant though? It's a difficult career to get through the assessing bodies and those who major more towards the IT side of consulting are being turned away and told to apply in the IT consulting codes instead
  4. Ausvisitor

    Visa Specialist Recommendations?

    If you can easily get the 189 then there are no perks of the 190. However if you are on the low side of points then 190 (if selected by the state) gives you bonus points. Also the state's can "cherry pick" you out of the waiting queue if they want someone of your skills (essentially making the points tally irrelevant so long as you have the minimum amount) The flip side is you have to live there for 2 years - but if you were going there anyway that's a non-issue
  5. Ausvisitor


    If they do them in the UK but "come home" to you on all the holidays then some of that time in Oz will also count, but it will take longer to reach the threshold and you have to be aware that the last year before you apply you can only be away for 3 months at most, and only 12 months in the four year period - so if you time it right the last two years of Uni could count as residence years to qualify. All down to exact dates and other time out of country
  6. Ausvisitor

    Skilled visa changes??

    If that was the case though I'd never take a job, I've never had a job longer than 12 months (well not in the last 10 years anyway) because I choose to work as a "hired expert" on specific engagements - work wherever in the world the most interesting projects are. I'm certainly not a second rate employee that has to take these temp gigs because I'm not good enough to get a perm offer, on the contrary I'm so good I don't have to take a perm job - this is the type of person temp visas are designed for. That said I'm most of the way through my PR process
  7. Ausvisitor

    8 months until I become 33 years old

    As in medical requests etc.
  8. Ausvisitor

    Visa Specialist Recommendations?

    Don't know what career (anzsco code) you are applying with and which state you want to live in but if you already know a state it seems that the 190 is a much quicker route unless by adequate points you mean 80+ 75 points and a decent wait seems to be the norm at the moment for the 189, and superior English is not a given even if you are a native speaker
  9. Ausvisitor

    Visa Specialist Recommendations?

    GCSE may not be a recognised qualification in the mainstream in Oz, but if the child wanted to study in the UK (or work there in future) they would be incredibly useful to have
  10. Ausvisitor

    8 months until I become 33 years old

    It might be worth trying for a 190 from the state you want to live in. We started the process in mid Feb, PTE full marks mid march, positive VetAssess 4th April, submit EOI on April 8th with 65 points. Invite from NSW received 13th April, returned next day and waiting for them to come back now The 190 option seems to be pretty quick.
  11. Ausvisitor

    8 months until I become 33 years old

    Almost, it's the day they turn 45 that they lose access, you need to be under 45 at the point of invite to apply or it's game over. Same is true for the other age cut-offs but it's slightly less "dramatic" at the others as it just means your points are not as high but you aren't barred from applying due to age In all cases the points claimed by age adjust automatically based on the actual date so no need for a new EOI
  12. Ausvisitor

    Skilled visa changes??

    It was this statement I didn't agree with - Regardless of intentions, it is designed to bring in the lowest common denominator.
  13. Ausvisitor

    Skilled visa changes??

    Don't agree, there are plenty of people who want a job in Australia for a defined amount of time and have no interest in staying. This visa is for them... There are lots of people who want to live in Australia "forever", this visa is not for them It's really simple. The only people who are upset at the restrictions on temporary visas are those that were not able to gain a PR visa and instead opted for a temp visa in the misguided hope that "they will bend the rules for me"
  14. I'd get a different agent, mine answers within 24 hours even on a weekend (and usually even quicker). When he is on holiday he lets you know in advance and so you don't expect a reply until he gets back, but even so you often do... Having to wait 5 days for a general reply to an simple question from someone you are paying thousands to isn't acceptable in my opinion...
  15. Got an invite to apply for 190 nomination. Is that the hard part over or is the nomination itself also competitive (or is that just getting asked to apply) Assuming we get the nomination, does that speed up the actual visa process or is it the same as the 189 from there on?
  16. Ausvisitor


    I agree that I wouldn't use them as they are out of date
  17. Ausvisitor

    A little bit of a pickle

    T-Bone I'd add the following about your statement on culture in NYC and California. As someone who has worked in both locations I can tell you that whilst NYC is overtly pressurised and confrontational, California is much more reserved - however that is only on the surface. I always found it way more pressure in CA where it wasn't obvious what other people were thinking. If you are hoping to move to CA to get an easier USA lifestyle you will be disappointed - it's generally more stressful to achieve the same level of success on the West coast than the East
  18. Ausvisitor

    EOI waiting times

    If we discount the pro-rata occupations for a moment... Are invites to apply (for 189) strictly based on points alone or do they also consider the anzsco code? I guess what I'm asking is if there are 1500 plumbers with 75 points and I'm in the queue as a chef with 70 points will every plumber get an invite before me or is it a little more complex than just top of the points pile gets an invite?
  19. Ausvisitor

    Arriving separately, ahead of lead candidate?

    Actually I wasn't sure I was correct and a bit of googling seems to suggest I was. Unless your visa grant has a condition attached to it (which would be written in the "conditions" area of the grant letter) then it apparently doesn't matter Any MARA agent here that can confirm this???
  20. Ausvisitor

    Arriving separately, ahead of lead candidate?

    I think it has to be lead applicant first (or at same time) but it may also depend on what visa you actually have been granted... I've always been of the opinion (from what I've read) that the main applicant needs to land first but I could easily be wrong
  21. Ausvisitor

    Migration / visa agent

    I've no doubt I could do mine myself, the process is quite methodical. However it's very laborious and requires a lot of research - so I'm happy to outsource mine to an agent
  22. Ausvisitor

    Vetassess Priority Processing

    I applied for VA priority but they asked for a couple of extra documents, so they refused the priority bit (but refunded the priority fee) The positive assessment however came back 23 days after application with no further intervening contact or interview.
  23. Ausvisitor

    Medical check for someone with thyroid issue

    I don't know if it is necessary or not to provide the extra marriage stuff your agent has suggested you provide but my advice would be to do it anyway .. You are paying the agent to make your visa journey as smooth as possible, if they suggest something is a good idea they haven't done it just to keep you busy, they can see an issue and are looking to remove it before it becomes a problem. It might be a very small issue (I.e. trying to explain why you've lived apart for two thirds of your married life) or it might be bigger, but I certainly wouldn't be trying to get their paid for expert advice verified by a bunch of people on a forum who don't know any of the background
  24. Ausvisitor

    Medical check for someone with thyroid issue

    Totally agree
  25. Ausvisitor

    Would you recommend using a Migration Agent

    In theory... However the actual citizenship process at the moment is taking longer than a year to process. So right now someone who got a visa moved over straight away and applied on the 4 year anniversary of arrival (and had lived in Oz constantly over those 4 years) would need an RRV for travel plans as their citizenship wouldn't complete before the initial 5 years ran out However when you come to do it the timelines very well may be different