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  1. Ausvisitor

    Error in citizenship application

    How long do you think you've been here. There is sometimes a lag of a day on the actual qualification period and you may have forgotten some days you where out of the country on holiday etc all of which extend the qualification date potentially
  2. Ausvisitor

    Good time to move money from UK to Oz?

    I suspect it will get higher in the next couple of months based on what financial journalists are saying. However basically 2:1 is about the highest it's been in 10 years
  3. Ausvisitor

    UK State Pension

    If you left in your early 40's it is unlikely you have reached the qualification for a full state pension (the full amount now is £172.50 a week and you need 35 full years to get it all and a minimum of 10 years to get anything) So if you know how many years you paid a "full stamp" you can work out your entitlement roughly by the following formula £172.50 / 35 * years of "full stamp" SO lets assume you paid "full stamp" for 19 years from the age of 21 until 40 then your rough entitlement is £93 per week Best to get your state pension prediction from the UK Gov website
  4. Ausvisitor

    UK plumber wanting to move on, 189??

    Submitted EOI Apr 2019 INvite to apply 24 hours later Sponsorsip approval 4 weeks later Grant of 190 Dec 2019
  5. Ausvisitor

    UK plumber wanting to move on, 189??

    It certainly did in my case (or 65+ state sponsorship 5 points - so 70 points after sponsorship)
  6. Ausvisitor

    UK plumber wanting to move on, 189??

    As others have said, don't assume 20 points is a given, I've got a degree and a master's in English Language and the first time I took the test I narrowly missed getting. The superior English mark. Plenty of teachers etc. have also missed out on full marks, so just because English is your main language don't assume you'll get full points
  7. Ausvisitor

    UK plumber wanting to move on, 189??

    In relation to the plumbing bit, I haven't a clue, but on the 189 vs 190 visa I can help with that There is little actual difference between the 189 and 190 in practice (once granted) if you apply for a 190 in the state you want to live and work in. The only difference (after grant) between the two is that you have an obligation to live and work in your sponsoring state for 2 years on a 190, and this obligation does not exist for the 189. You aren't tied to a specific employer or region (so long as it's in the state). [Some people argue it's only a moral obligation rather than a requirement, but that's something only your own conscience can answer] In terms of applying the main difference is that on the 189 you sit in a queue, that is really a series of queues. Everyone lines up in order of points accumulated, and within each point total you line up in date submitted. Each month (11th I think) they call a certain number from the queue and they take them from the top. Now if you have 90 points and have been in the 90 point queue for 18 months you are ahead of everyone in the queue who has less than 95 points. However if there are 101 people in the 95 point queue and they only call 100 forward you miss out that month even if the 100th invite goes to someone with 95 points who only submitted their EOI yesterday. {It's further complicated by pro-rata careers, but I don't think yours is one of those} WIth the 190 it works differently, you submit your EOI and so long as you have the min points, you go into a "pot" at the state immigration team. They can dip in and out of this as required to fill perceived needs in their state. It isn't always the case that highest points win here, sometimes they need a specific career and so take anyone, or they want only superior english (but they don't publish what it is that they are making their decision on) If you know the state you want, and you have a valid claim for a visa, then unless you are going to end up with 95+ points it is probably better to go for a 190 rather an a 189
  8. Ausvisitor

    PTE Academic ridiculous speaking score

    I had done a few practice tests before doing the actual PTE exam and realised doing them that actually taking notes seems to make the end result worse than just listening and recalling. To the people not used to talking to a headset without the ability to see body language, even a native speaker tends to sound forced and robotic. This gets you marked down quite heavily. It's best to try and imagine you are talking on a phone to someone you know rather than concentrating on getting great BBC accents
  9. Ausvisitor

    190 eoi submit on 65point

    So you need to be careful with the English Score as the Australian government doesn't recognise an overall score, each element needs to reach the score threshold in it's own right. I would suggest your chance of an invite would be greatly improved by raising your English score to SUPERIOR - lots of anecdotal (but no actual proof) stories that 190 invites are much faster if you have SUPERIOR english Nurse is one of the more popular career codes so I would think with just 65 points you will be in for a long wait - sorry I know that is something you didn't want to hear
  10. Ausvisitor

    190 eoi submit on 65point

    What is your job (ANZSCO code) and English Level that you can prove?
  11. Ausvisitor

    190 eoi submit on 65point

    It all depends - what visa number did you apply for (189.190, 491 or soemthing else) and what career code (ANZSCO code) did you include in your EOI If you applied for a 189 visa then you have little hope of ever being invited, they haven't invited anyone on that sort of points score for about 2 years for that visa
  12. Ausvisitor


    If you aren't set on a specific test also have a look at PTE tests. Many people think these are easier to get over the superior threshold with. I think ultimately they are both as hard/easy as each other - it's just a personal learning style thing
  13. Ausvisitor


    Also be aware that it's going to be months before you can take it as all IELTS testing is on pause due to CV19
  14. Ausvisitor

    Visa Medical Refusal

    There isn't a lot the agents on here can do to help you (except in very broad anonymous generalised terms) as they would all have the professional view that they shouldn't advise you to do something that your own agent hasn't (as you taking external advice very likely nullifies your contract with your agent - or at least your ability to claim if they are negligent)
  15. Ausvisitor

    British visitors during corona virus

    I'm not sure I agree, the UK has 8000 confirmed cases, Australia 2,500 but the population disparities make it that they are roughly the same statistically Both countries acknowledge that they have many more unconfirmed cases than the offical numbers I suspect it's goign to bad wherever you are, it's going to ramp up quickly everywhere I don't think anywhere is safer than another (on a country level) - what is safer is if you live in a community that is abiding by the advice and personally you take every precaution you can
  16. Ausvisitor

    British visitors during corona virus

    No one is saying it will be easy (or even possible) but I'd certainly be trying. Whilst it's currently unthinkable that someone presenting at a hospital with symptoms wouldn't be treated, roll this forward 2 months and things haven't improvement and health services are on their knees, then we are going to start hearing the anti-immigration people (in every country) saying that we shouldn't be treating aliens, and the governments should only be looking after proper (insert country) people.
  17. Ausvisitor

    British visitors during corona virus

    Personally I agree, but the edict has gone out and the Foreign Sec has said come home. They should at least look into options so if it isn't possible they can at least have evidence that they tried
  18. Ausvisitor

    British visitors during corona virus

    Also worth taking into account that the UK Foreign Secretary issued a very forceful call yesterday that all UK citizens overseas should return as soon as physically possible. This basically means the UK Government is saying it's your choice if you choose to stay away from the UK, but if you choose not to heed our warning we won't be breaking our backs to help repatriate you if required. I would think very carefully about where you would want them to be in a months time when they are no longer covered by the medicare agreement for treatment of a British person because their visitor visa has expired. The safest thing to do here is to return home...
  19. Ausvisitor

    489 visa covid-19

    I've not heard of people having problems getting work on a 489 visa, it is as valid for working as a 190 or 189 and unless you are right at the end of its validity (which is years) then no risk to the employer that you will be forced to leave the country straight away
  20. Ausvisitor

    Visa options ... confused

    Being a management consultant that lives in a suit I own 15 of the things (and am on an active purge - it was many more) I guess I've got a long way to go before being trustable then
  21. Ausvisitor

    491 visa

    You certainly need to stay within a regional region (so you can't get a 491 and then run off to Sydney). Its longer than a year though, I beleive its three years that the regional requirement exists for. I don't know if you can transfer to regional areas in other states or only within the sponsoring state (I would suspect they want you to stay in the place that sponsored you but I'm not an expert)
  22. I'm no expert, but as they are activated you are holding a valid an active PR status so would think you are OK. I'm just not sure if a 190 is a PR status once granted or only once activated
  23. I don't know the answer but I have a supplementary question. Does a 190 holder who as yet hasn't landed since the grant count as a PR in terms of arriving or do they only count as a PR if its already been activated through a prior "first landing"?
  24. Ausvisitor

    COVID-19 and postponement of Citizenship Tests and Ceremonies

    No - you are still a PR (and subject to RRV) until you have the actual ceremony You can come and go as much as you want, but only under RRV rules. You can't get an Australian passport until you have the ceremony, so you can only travel under your home passport, which requires a valid RRV for entry to Australia
  25. Ausvisitor

    190 processing time increases to 10 months

    Ultimatley I guess thats sort of good news, it shows they are at least still processing rather than gone into hibernation. I thought they would have diverted most staff either into other Government services or on sorting out emergency visas as required to cover the COVID needs right now