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  1. Hazey3874

    Invitation 190 Queensland

    It actually was out of the blue as we didn’t think we stood a chance... given the low level of invites... we didn’t use an agent and that’s probably our downfall.. thanks Jack
  2. Hazey3874

    Invitation 190 Queensland

    Thanks for the replies... to make things even more complicated my wife has been offered a PHD in Queensland starting in June of this year...which of course does not give PR and in addition we will have health cate costs. The invite for 190 was out of the blue hence why the QCT was not already gained. it may be the case we have to go the student route and hope to gain PR after the course is complete. jack
  3. Hazey3874

    Invitation 190 Queensland

    The agent is saying he will give us until the 24 th of February to have the QCT certificate attached and the documents will only arrive on Monday to be assessed ... so basically 2 weeks.... the assessment time for overseas applicants for the QCT states on their website that it’s up to 12 weeks for non-residents.... so wondering why he didn’t know this and why he offered us the invite at all.... All we can do is contact Queensland teaching and see if any way they can get it done in time I guess but I’m not optimistic. Not sure if that’s accurate as secondary school teachers have just been added to the site jack
  4. Hazey3874

    Invitation 190 Queensland

    Thanks for the reply.... the skills assessment was completed a while ago... it’s the QCT for Queensland for teaching which they have asked for as in addition... which he has given us 14 days to get. Processing time for overseas states up to 12 weeks... we may loose our nomination unless someone can help... and we will be devastated I guess we just hope he will wait but it seems unlikely. jack
  5. Hazey3874

    Invitation 190 Queensland

    Hi everyone, dealing with a Qld 190 state nomination... so pleased to get an invite but have 14 days to submit any extra required documentation.. including QCT (teaching certificate ADDITIONAL) to skills assessment which might take 4-6weeks! does anyone know if your EOI case officer has the authority to ‘hold’ your application open whilst you await a document? We asked for extension and got a week.. just wondering if they have much say over what happens to invitations/pending applications?! Also if anyone has experienced this and has recently had their QCT from overseas, how long did it take... thanks in advance jack
  6. Thank you for your reply, Congratulations I’m receiving your invite and hope all goes well. Exactly I think we are going to be dependent on if NSW have any current positions for secondary school teachers for the 190 but fingers crossed they do. Complicated but we aren’t giving up
  7. Thank you for your reply....complex but very helpful ..... ok the way I understand it is that this would mean in our situation we should gain additional points in November even though I will be 45 if my english has been assessed as competent. I think we have decided to apply for a 189 and 190 visa, however In the case of the 190, and my wife being the main applicant it will be dependant upon NSW and the current need for secondary school teachers. At this point in time we have 70 points for a 189 and 75 for 190 and I guess the best course of action would be to apply for an EOI when my partners skills assessment has returned and for myself to undertake a competent english test, which my wife has already completed. please can you clarify if I’ve understood this correctly. thanks in advance Jack
  8. Thanks for your reply..just out of interest where abouts in the process are you now? Have you had an invite? That’s the bit that daunts is the most..the sitting waiting with the clock ticking in my wife’s age bracket! We are ready to submit our EOI in the next month or so when my wife’s skills assessment comes back. We hope to apply for 189 (though unlikely we know) and 190 for NSW (though they haven’t invited any/many teachers for a while)...so it’s not looking particularly promising. Any insight appreciated!
  9. Hi everyone, We have recently began the visa application process, and understood 70 points was likely to get you an invite for a 189 or we could gain additional points for 190 Visa. Having seen the latest round where no invites were given for anyone under 75, we are worried that application for either visa would be pointless. We have 3 children, my wife is a secondary school teacher and I am an experienced social worker. I am 45 in August, therefore my wife would be the main a applicant, she is 39 in September. We are aware of other options but obviously prefer permenant residency, status to provide stability for our children, though not sure what the likelyhood of this will be given the current climate and our circumstances. Any words of advice would be appreciated, as currently feeling a bit crushed. Thanks in advance Jack