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  1. Silentreader101

    Citizenship and previous 186 visa

    Hi so if innow have citizenship and am no longer in my 186 visa am I still obligated to work for my employer for 2 years? just wondering how that works as once I became a citizen my 186 visa was cancelled? I’m not far off the 2 year mark but I’m just wondering if my employer gets mad which they will as everyone is leaving am I leaving myself open to drama eg can my citizenship be cancelled? Or is this a closed book with them now as I’m no longer on the visa that they sponsored me on?
  2. Silentreader101


    Baby Pom which city council in Perth?
  3. Silentreader101


    I am in Perth applied April
  4. Silentreader101


    So I managed to get my test a few weeks ago in Perth now waiting on my ceremony hope it’s soon. Any one in Perth passed the test but waiting on ceremony’s? Has anyone done a ceremony recently what was the wait time like?
  5. If I recieved pr 186 visa 18 months ago and get granted citizenship and ceremony do I have to complete last 6 months with my employer, if I leave even though I am not on the visa anymore as it is canceled because I’m a citizen is there any bad reprocussions that I am opening myself up to? employer can be quite vengeful and don’t want to leave myself open to some sort of attack. Thanks for your responses haven’t seen this question been answered yet so thought I would start a thread.
  6. Hey everyone I currently got my 186 visa granted 3/4 months ago and due to work place intimidation and zero access to hr within work have rendered my resignation. We are now having talks about how to resolve this. My employer has now said that if I continue they will be in contact with the government to cancel my visa? Or attempt to. Has anyone heard of this scenario before or can anyone advise me on what to do next? Help?
  7. Silentreader101

    Skillselect ENS 186 Timeline

    Is it just me or is wa slower at looking at applications. Lots of nsw applications from November being approved where as wa seem to be March
  8. Silentreader101

    Skillselect ENS 186 Timeline

    Hey been silently reading for the last 8 months just wondering if anyone from wa has had applications approved and if so what month did u submit. Nsw and vic seem to be processing recent ones where as wa are doing jan 18? I really hope it comes soon have bubbles at hope waiting for that golden email Occupation :hairdresser state :wa birth country :LR UK stream: trt186 applicants 1 applied start of July 2018 submitted July 18 immi account status :received