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  1. Smoke

    Hard to get a job in Cairns

    Yes you are right and that is what happens, they do choose Australians and that is their right. The 75% part was literally told me by an employer, another mentioned to me that they can choose from some many applicants that it's hard for anyone to land a job basically. Don't forget that i'm a local too, maybe not born and bred but I am member of the community and yes I do apply for as many "shitkicker jobs" I come across. No luck thusfar tho.
  2. Smoke

    309 -> 100 application time

    The weird thing is, when I login to my immi account now, I only see the granted holiday visa, and the 309 is nowhere to be seen at this stage, is this normal?
  3. Smoke

    Hard to get a job in Cairns

    So you are saying it doesn't matter? I'm a bit confused now. Was this the only reason your husband's visa got rejected? I don't know what to do to be honest, I don't want to risk it thats for sure. I don't know if not working affects the PR application, i'm a bit unsure about this and yes it does cost me a lot of stress.
  4. I'm receiving my request for more information regarding the 100 PR visa soon, (September) because it's nearly 2 years after if filed my application for 309. Does anybody know how long the wait is these days? Because 2 years ago 90% was evaluated within 3 months. We got married in the mean time, do I need to notify the department now, or leave it and just add it as proof when I upload my evidence? Thanks!
  5. Smoke

    Hard to get a job in Cairns

    A bloke I know from Cairns recently moved to GC and he said there is much more work in our profession than Cairns, so might be something to seriously consider, however it's a risk because main focus is securing my 100 visa. It looks like I have to sit this one out, pray I get a job soon and apply for my 100 in september. After I secured that we can go wherever we want. †akes a lot of patience, don't know if i have that
  6. Smoke

    Hard to get a job in Cairns

    I thought this would be an issue, and now I know for sure, so thank you for the heads up. Another reason why it's a bit more complicated.
  7. Smoke

    Hard to get a job in Cairns

    Yes I know it's hard outside the major cities, but this hard is something I didn't expect. And I am not used to this to be honest. In The Netherlands we always lived in a small town but because Amsterdam was relatively close finding a professional job wasn't that hard. Always found a job within 2 weeks over there. I lived and worked in Basingstoke UK also for a few years so it's possible. Cost of housing isn't much of an issue for us when we both have our careers. Not even in Melbourne. Brisbane we don't like as a city, we do like Gold Coast but then we probably have the same issues and a very big commute. I didn't move up here for the weather and lifestyle, we moved up here because my partner is born and bred in Cairns, but still willing to move to somewhat cooler climate. Because I absolutely hate the tropics and don't care much about the lifestyle to be honest. Way too hot and humid for my liking.
  8. My partner and me live together on one 90K wage ex super in Cairns and it's not cutting it for us, and we don't live large.....
  9. Hi guys, My partner (Aussie) and me (Dutchie) moved to Cairns almost a year ago on a 309, since then i've been applying for heaps of jobs, and went in to places to drop of my resume. I made it a few times to the last round but no luck thus far. (3 times to last 2 and once to last 3) so I am getting close but frustratingly enough not close enough. I am a professional with years of team leading experience in supply chain. There are virtually no supply chain jobs in cairns because it's the end of the line, which makes it a whole lot harder. My partner does have a permanent job here in Cairns. Problem is that there are not many jobs here in Cairns, let alone professional jobs. If I make it to the last few they choose for a local with local experience, which seems to be more important here than extensive international (EU) experience. They rather choose some local worker with 75% of my skills and resume over me because i'm on a 309 and non permanent resident (yet) . Many many entry shitkicker jobs here, but very hard to land due to competition from desperate locals applying under their skillset, so many people have the same problem as me. I asked how many applicants I was up against and i was always in the 50-200 range. I apply for many entry jobs, but never hear something back and if i do get a phone interview I notice they always mention ' we are looking for someone long term' , I always say I am committed long term but they don't buy it because of my resume. So the whole situation is sh*t. I might be able to go to Melbourne soon if nothing serious comes up, with my partner and me living apart, which we absolutely don't want to do anymore. For comparison: I applied for a job matching my resume and skills in Melbourne and secured a job interview right away. People have had similar experiences? Any tips or tricks? Please don't hesitate to reply. Thank you! Cheers from a desperate Dutchie