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  1. Diego

    187 Visa Processing Time

    https://independentaustralia.net/politics/politics-display/keneally-exposes-visa-system-chaos-under-dutton,12789 hi guys, putting this article just fyi.
  2. Diego


    Hi guys, i know how it feels. I waited 22months. RSMS. Transition Stream. SA. Restaurant Manager. It will come. Don’t stress much beyond things we can’t control.
  3. Diego

    PR granted

    Congratulations mate. Very Lucky you, you only waited for 2 months
  4. Diego

    Chinese police clearance

    Did Immigration asked for it? If not, just wait. I am pretty sure there can be ways on how to obtain police checks. Try searching online. My friend had to get one before from Dubai. What he did was he asked a former colleague to help him submit, process and claim the document ( you will need a letter of authorisation). Best of luck.
  5. Diego


    I wouldn’t be able to say. But fingers crossed , it won’t be too long. Keep in touch i have a feeling it’ll be soon
  6. Diego


    Hi Steve, it all depends on how quick you will be able to submit the requested document and how quick your CO will look into your case. Can be from 1 minute to weeks to months. In my own experience, 2 days after I submitted my AFP cert
  7. Diego

    Chinese police clearance

    Hi Libra, why would you not be able to get a Chinese police clearance? I believe it’s from your birth country? Police check from your birth country or countries you’ve lived in are required documents to process your PR application.
  8. Diego

    186 visa

    My application took 22 months, just so you guys know don’t loose hope. And don’t stress over things we can’t control. Have a bit of faith. It’ll all be fine hopefully really soon for you guys
  9. Just aim for high score in each band buddy Trust your lawyer/ MA.
  10. Diego

    187 Visa Processing Time

    Most likely. Submit your AFP certificate as soon as you get them good luck
  11. Diego

    187 Visa Processing Time

    Thank you @ring3018 it has been really long. But. God answered our prayers
  12. Diego

    187 Visa Processing Time

    Hi everyone, Just want to give hope to everyone who is still waiting for their golden email. Sharing with you guys my timeline. Restaurant Manager SA 187 Transition Pathway June 2017 - application lodged. Feb 18, 2019 - nomination approved Feb 21, 2019 - CO asked for updated medicals March 14, 2019 - submitted medicals March 21, 2019 - CO asked for AFP (maiden name) April 2, 2019 - AFP certificate submitted April 4, 2019 - PR Granted 22 months in waiting. Don’t despair guys. Claim everyday that “today is going to be my day, my Visa will be Granted” we are over the moon. And I hope and pray that everyone who is still waiting will receive theirs soon
  13. @jo3lthakid how’s your application going?
  14. How you going with your case brother? Same situation here. Got my nomination approved last month. CO asked for medical and afp. Now waiting for decision.
  15. Diego

    Advise please!

    Hi guys, would appreciate your two cents on what to do on this situation. 187 visa application lodged- July 2017 nomination approved - feb 12 2019 CO asked for updated medical - submitted on the 14th of March. Now here’s what happened it between. Employer went into liquidation March 12, 2019 (w/o notice) Sponsor/employer advised not to let the MA know and wait for IMMI decision. Today,CO asked for updated APC. How will this turn of event affect the application? Now, the business will re open soon (after the liquidation) but it’ll be under new owners. New owners guaranteed to re-hire the staff. Same position. Willing to transfer sponsorship as well if that will be the case. What do you think will happen to the application? What do you guys think will be the best move to do? Thank you kindly in advance.