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  1. TheBeez

    VISA 3 year ban

    hi sole could you please tell me how's the result of your temporary visa i meant as in visitor visa? do you get an approval for temporary visa? i have similar case like yours. pls let me know. thanks
  2. thanks so much Raul. i appriciate it. yeah, i wrote a re entry ban letter i wrote about my story and all the background for the past 3 years in Australia. and also my husband and my father in-law wrote a stat dec for my invitation letter. is there any thing that might help to show them compelling circumstances as your mentioned before? thank you very much
  3. Hi all.. i really need some advices or any opinion. i have been applied my partner visa 309, done my police check and medical examination. Now i am waiting for my tourist visa to be proceed. its been 8 days since i lodged the documents for 600 visa. short story is i had overstayed in Australia for almost 3 years, i got married to Australian Citizen, then i got back with my BVE dont have any bad experince in Australia. My question is, all anything behind will effect to my visa? i read some news and forums there is no effect to any permanent visa. but what about my visitor visa? will i pass the 600 visa? i really need advices and opinion or even better is there any case that quite similar to me? thanks so much!