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  1. Pollywaffle

    Moving to uk - bank

    Please avoid Santander. I have been trying to rejuvenate my account with them - for our impending return (March/April) - and it has been a nightmare. We have finally decided that we will wait til we get there - and then identify/secure a bank account then.
  2. I’m sure this has been asked before - we are moving back to UK early next year - and I am trying to determine whether we use our banks to transfer our funds or a money moving co (can’t remember their correct name)- I would really appreciate hearing from those who have gone before as to your experiences with both options. Thanks in advance Rebecca
  3. Pollywaffle

    New Query on opening a bank in the UK

    Hello Marisa I referred to it as a Comm bank card, but of course, I meant a comm bank travel money card. We used one at Christmas when we went home on hols..very useful things..certainly better than the old travellers cheques... Rest of what you put...most interesting...thank you Rebecca
  4. Pollywaffle

    New Query on opening a bank in the UK

    Hello all thanks so much for all your responses- not sure if we’re across it all but I guess the bottom line is that HSBC as an international bank wouldn’t do anything illegal operationally - but that said not sure if we can trust them with our life’s savings - literally. I think the best approach is to use friend’s UK address for bank statements and take it that way. I particularly liked the idea of filling a Comm bank card up with a stack of pounds- so we have finances... thanks to Marisa for your caution about husband’s super - will do as you suggest. now that’s one thing sort of ticked off - only 3430000 more things to do in our seamless return to UK!!! thanks all Rebecca
  5. Hello I know that this has been addressed previously..but my husband and I are moving back to UK, after 17 years..within the year. Yesterday, I contacted HSBC in Australia and was advised that if I opened a bank account with a local HSBC branch here, i..e in Brisbane, we would be able to open an equivalent account in the UK...I was informed by the HSBC guy that 'the UK would allow you to open a bank account in England on the strength of you having an existing HSBC account in Australia'. Now, I see this as an answer to our prayers..but wonder why it hasn't been alluded to on here before? Is there something we are not being told; is it too good to be true? Would appreciate hearing from any bods who have used HSBC in this way? Thanks everso. Rebecca
  6. Pollywaffle

    Moving Back to the UK from Australia - Positive Stories

    It's good to hear that you feel more relaxed now too Amber Snowflake...It's just the bloody great workload inbetween that I'm finding daunting. Also, 17 years here...you get used to life...will all be very strange when we live there again... Thanks for your comments, AS
  7. Pollywaffle

    Moving Back to the UK from Australia - Positive Stories

    All very valid points. I'm 57 so I know what the implications are...have spoken to my super and also contacted the English Pensions. They have worked out an amount based on how many years I worked in the UK - apparently I get it when I'm 67. When I take my super out, I won't be taxed on the first 200k, but after that, I believe so - unless we stay until I'm 60. Husband is seven years younger than me, but he doesn't care (if that's the right way of putting it) about the money. Yes, all be very tight, but sometimes you have to balance things up ...fortunately we have enough for a home and then we'll have to work...but hopefully reduced hours and not in an office any more!! With the sitting in our home..husband and I have tried everything to make a social life in Brisbane..joined clubs, volunteered etc....never worked out! I think it's harder here if you don't have children...I realise that a lot of people get their social lives from things they do with their kids and their kids' friends parents - when we were back at Christmas we seemed to have a social life....albeit briefly. I don't want to question any more whether there is something socially 'wrong' with my husband and myself. We are both friendly and approachable..but that doesn't seem to matter and I don't want to feel that's our 'fault' any more. Said enough..thanks for your interest...we'll get there..
  8. Pollywaffle

    Moving Back to the UK from Australia - Positive Stories

    We stayed in and around Worthing. I am orginally from Chichester...but best friend is in Worthing. In Laws live in Slough@! "Awful" in that slightly decaying way...the Debenhams is closing in Worthing and the seafront looks shabby..but as I said in my post..it was comfortable and right...more so than any Australian beach has ever been to here....
  9. Pollywaffle

    Moving Back to the UK from Australia - Positive Stories

    Hello - a newbie here. My husband and I have lived in Australia for 17 years - I actually came here with my family back in 1972 as a Ten Pound Pom..but had to go back to the UK to meet other half - quite a few years later. Found I had kissed lots of Australian frogs, but had to be with a Pommy Prince at the end of the day! Anyway, digressing. My husband literally hates it here and always has....I'm a bit 50/50 - especially as my family live here - and having my inlaws 12k away isn't such a bad thing!! But we have have had two dogs in that time..our boy left us last year at 14 and our girl is 12 in a couple of weeks time. We have decided to wait until she goes before we return to UK. My point I guess is that I always feel so horrible, because being here basically sits on her longevity. I know what everyone thinks...why not take her back with you..but like Kindredelf we would never forgive ourselves if anything happened to her in transit. So, we sit in our little house every day, not really living, just marking time if that makes sense! No interest in this country any more. By the way, went home to South Coast in December...most of the way of life was awful..but it was such a familiar, cosy, appropriate awful....made us more homesick if anything. Sorry to ramble on..just I see so many posts on here that replicate how we feel.... Thanks....