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  1. Lauren & Luke

    Taxes On A House In The UK When Living In Oz

    Hi Craig, Thank you for the info. Did you use a tax agent? Are you using an rental agent? Where in Australia are you heading? It would just be me, my husband and our british bulldog Daisy. We initially wanted to head to Perth but when we had our consultation back in March 2020, the visa we were advised to take was the 491 but that didn't cover WA. My husband would be the main applicant as he is a joiner. I work for an insurance company, unfortunately that is not in demand Lauren
  2. Lauren & Luke

    PetAir UK - Pet Travel Service

    Hi Bob, Just wondering if the restrictions on flying snubbed nose dogs have changed? I believe an airline suspended them flying due to a dog dying. I have a british bulldog so she would fall under this category, so just interested if they are now able to fly again? And if so is there any changes to the guidelines of them flying? Lauren
  3. Lauren & Luke

    Taxes On A House In The UK When Living In Oz

    Thank you Marisa. Glad I am thinking logically ha. Hope your well. Lauren
  4. Lauren & Luke

    Taxes On A House In The UK When Living In Oz

    Hey, Yeah it is a bit of a mindfield isn't it? I definitely think it is worth the cost of a consultation with an expert. We like to do everything right and by the book so I am definitely going to take the advice given on this thread. The sensible approach for us would be to rent our house in the UK, rent in Australia and IF we get granted the PR to sell up and then buy in Australia. We are thinking if we didn't get the PR then at least we have our home to come home too so we don't have to restart on the property ladder. We have already had interest in someone wanting to rent our house if we made the move at the monthly cost we would want. And we know the family well and it is a married couple so I don't think we would have any issues there. The hard part is just finding the right people because we don't want to be on the other side of the world and having to deal with any issues. But then there is the option of a rental agent. Do we go with an agent or don't we? There is loads to consider and everyones circumstances are different, it is just finding the right path for us. Where is it your moving to? We are right at the beginning of the process so it will be a while yet for us. We have already had a consultation with a migration agent back in March 2020 so we have an idea of where we are heading in terma of visa's. Just a few things to iron out here and this pandemic to deal with then we are ready. Lauren
  5. Lauren & Luke

    Taxes On A House In The UK When Living In Oz

    Hi everyone, Thank you all for your replies. It has been interesting reading them all. I am a little confused with some of it but that is understandable as this is all new to me and I have no knowledge of it whatsoever. The idea was to obtain a temp visa and by the end of it be able to have PR. I think it is the 491 visa I am referring too. We would rent our house in the UK and whilst on the temp visa we would rent in Australia. IF we were granted a PR visa then at this point we would look to sell our UK property and buy in Australia. Depending on salary, savings etc and all going well with the rental on the UK property we might not have to sell our UK home to help finance a property in Australia. We live in Sunderland, NE England. I guess we would be really selective on who we rent our property out to in the UK. We would have to be! Thank you again for all your advice. Feel free to let me know if the above information changes any of the advice given. Hope you are all well and enjoying the sunshine. It is currently below freezing here. My worst time of year ha! Lauren
  6. *** Admin please move if I have posted under the wrong topic *** Hi everyone, Please can someone help me or point me in the right direction? We spoke to a migration agent about visas and the visa he advised us to take was a visa that you can apply for permanent residency after 3 years (or it could have been 5 years! Sorry it was back in March we had the consultation!). The chances of us getting a permanent residency visa straight away is slim because of the number of points we have (Like many people we would be waiting for months even years). We have had long discussions and my husband doesn't want to sell our house in the UK, move to Oz on a temp visa on the chance we would need to return at the end of its term and start the climb of the UK property ladder AGAIN. So, the question I am really asking is... if we were to rent our house out in the UK and rent in Oz until we got permanent residency (if), do we need to pay taxes in the UK and in Oz? I am sure I read we have too. If we do, does anyone know the % or what we need to pay? Do we have to pay the taxes monthly whilst we have a temporary visa in Oz or do we pay the tax if and when we sell the house if we get a permanent residency? Hopefully, if we were to get permanent residency we would then sell the house to use as a deposit for a property in Oz. Any help would be much appreciated and please if I have mentioned anything above which is incorrect, let me know Thank you for reading and thank you for providing any information you may have. Lauren x
  7. Lauren & Luke

    British Bulldog/Snub Nosed Pets

    Makes sense Good rule to self impose. Something we would definitely consider doing ourselves. Lauren
  8. Lauren & Luke

    British Bulldog/Snub Nosed Pets

    Ah look at her. She is beautiful, looking very chilled and happy too Yeah I suppose taking a common sense approach seems to be the vibe. Can I ask why 26 Degrees? Just being curious Lauren x
  9. Lauren & Luke

    Swimming pool

    Ah that looks fab Very Jealous! Your house looks so big from what I can see too. Looking forward to see the end result. I bet you can't wait for next summer to use it to its max potential. Lauren x
  10. Lauren & Luke

    British Bulldog/Snub Nosed Pets

    Morning, Ah we are planning on going to Perth. Lauren x
  11. Lauren & Luke

    British Bulldog/Snub Nosed Pets

    Hi Cal, Ha ha Daisy is exactly the same. She sleeps the clock round I tell ya. She likes the sun and tends to sit and chill in it (when we have it that is). She moves when she has to though. Ah, that's good that he knows to go to the paddling pool to cool down. Is there anything else you do for him? I suppose walking early morning and late at night would help. Do you have any of the cooling matts I know a few people on here have mentioned? Air con is a must have - Noted! I am sure she will be absolutely fine but as I am a worrier I just want to make sure we do everything we can to make sure she is OK. Do you find there is many BB around in Brisbane? Lauren
  12. Lauren & Luke

    post your pet pics here

    This is Daisy. Our 15 Month Old British Bulldog. She is an absolute dream. Very loving and very playful. X
  13. Lauren & Luke

    Swimming pool

    I can only imagine how tiring this may have been. I have watched Luke (My husband) do this a few times for his job. Getting concrete delivered was definitely the best option for you I guess! I am sure with the weather cooling down you will see progress a lot quicker We look forward to seeing some pictures. We wait patiently ha! Lauren
  14. Lauren & Luke

    British Bulldog/Snub Nosed Pets

    Thank you I will take a look now. I am new to the forum so didn't know you could search for previous threads - Always learning. Lauren
  15. Lauren & Luke

    Swimming pool

    @Metoo Hey, Do you have any updates on your pool and landscaping? Intrigued to see the end result Lauren