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  1. Enam

    190 processing time

    Congratulations Bro.. Happy New Year!!
  2. Enam

    190 processing time

    Congratulations Mark!! So happy for your progress
  3. Enam


    Metal Fabricator ANZSCO Code: 322311
  4. Enam


    Hi All, I Have submitted EOI for SA with 65 points, it's more than one month now but not heard anything yet.
  5. Hi Nipin, Please find the link as you requested for reference materials for the interview: Wish you best of luck for the practical test!
  6. Hi Sir, although my EOI submitted, I am not sure on the other assets financial declaration. What sort of documents should i prepare againest it? Also, I would like to know the current duration of 190 state nomination if anyone has the same occupation as mine Metal Fabricator.
  7. Hi Gurpreet, You are most welcome So long you are working in your trade, then nothing to worry about it. Just revise the units as much possible and you will succeed. Good Luck!
  8. Hi Gurpreet, You are most welcome. At first they will ask you to describe your work nature and then they will align and ask question based on your work environment. if you are working for some times, then you have to just revise relevant work supports from other departments and you will find easy during the interview. Although the early link last reply i attached some preparation materials, you may look into that for more details. Here are most of the questions I can remember from my interview and i break them into each Competency of Metal Fabricator's Units Category: CORE UNITS: Screen appears with different types of tools and where do you use them? (Tape measure). How do you use micrometer/temperature meter/gas pressure etc. ? How do you keep/maintain all tools you use at work? Why team work is important? What is your role in the team? What types of communication you need to do at your work? How do you ensure your work output maintain good quality? To whom do you approach when you need to confirm your job done correctly or not? Do you train others at your workplace like new intern / on-job-training? Do you use any computer/program at your work? How do you relate sustainability practice at your work? ENGINEERING OPERATIONS: What engineering tools do you use at your work? How do you maintain them? Identify measurements from a simple drawing. What machine do you use to cut your metal sections? How do you transfer/load/unload? What PPE you use in each activities? Are there any hazardous materials you need to use? How do you store chemicals? WELDING: What type of welding do you have to do most? What are the safety procedures for that? Do you have to use any cutting/preparations on the job? What process and position of welding you have to do? How to set-up machine for MMAW/SMAW/FCAW/MIG/TIG? What are the differences in each different types of welding machine? What are the gas pressures for each machine set-up? What are the different types of filler materials used in different process? What would you look at first on your welding once you completed a welding? FABRICATION: How do you fit/fabricate/assemble/install your jobs? Using jigs or manually? Do you establish any templates or shop drawing? Do you use a computer? What software use? Show a drawing and ask you to explain how would you fabricate a dust pan? If any drawing not clearly updated, who will provide you correct information? Asked about welding symbols and tells to explain foe each representation. Tells you a scenario to repair a job and asked to explain how would you complete that job? What types of PPE used in different work pattern. NC/CNC MACHINING: Do you use NC/CNC machine? How do you use a machine? How do you cut and remove the metals pieces from the bay to bay? Why do you use computer? How do you change tools in your machine? How do you sharpen your drill-bits? And where you store them after use? How do you transfer data into the CNC machine? Is there any software? Hope you find it helpful. All the best ahead.
  9. Hi Gurpreet, I attended my Metal Fabricator interview early this month, hope it is similar to your's too. You may find this post helpful: All the best!
  10. Hi I have submitted my EOI for South Australia and looking some specific information on this state.
  11. Enam

    Victoria state nomination commitment

    Hi experts members in this conversation, I need a little advise, is there any issues for submitting two EOI (SA & Vic) at the same time? Thanks in advance Enam
  12. Enam

    Metal fabricator technical interview

    Hi Lavers, Finally my Skill Assessment successful...my interview results +ve and received successful Skill Assessment with Level-III Engineering Certificate. Your questions really helped me to prepare for the interview. And you are right, if anyone in his or her trade for while, then nothing to worry about. Here, I am sharing two files that I have prepared during my preparation and added some questions in the slide which the interviewer asked. Some other related question also asked that i felt easy and did not added in the slide. Such as Weld Symbol and basic safety related questions. All the questions they will ask from each group of Units; 1) Core Units; 2) Engineering Operations; 3) Welding; 4) Fabrication; 5) NC/CNC Machining. All it took 1hr 50min for my interview over Skype video conference around. Hope any future candidate for Metal Fabricator - ANZSCO 322311 will get help from this post. Metal Fabricator - Interview Preparation - Tools Name & Related Questions.pdf Trade Units - Metal Fabricator - Australian Standards.pdf
  13. Thank you Lavers, yes i can guesstimate it will take nearly an year or so, who knows.. ha ha ha
  14. Finally..Today I received my Skill Assessment successful outcome via email (after exactly 3-weeks from the interview given)! Thank you everyone for sharing your timeline earlier it really helps me to wait patiently to receive my interview outcome and special thanks to @Lavers for guiding me in details too Altogether it took more than 5-months/169-days to complete my SA with Vetassess, now waiting to receive the posted hard copies.
  15. Thanks Lavers, Yeah lastly the date is fixed now! Truly appreciated your reply & inspiration.