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  1. Hey all, We are moving out to Oz in March on 489 visa - finally after 3 year process :). The company I work for wanted me to continue doing work for them whilst in Australia. My intention is to set myself up as self employed in Australia and do consultancy work for them. I have pretty much got this agreed with the company and to make things easiest for them, i will bill them in £ rather than $au. Currently our house is up for sale and is unlikely to be sold prior to leaving and so I was looking to get paid into a UK account prior to transferring to Oz. As i wont have a UK business set up it will only be a personal account, will this cause issues for either tax in either country or for later providing proof of work when applying for permanent visa? Thanks to any help or advice given
  2. Shaunc

    Visa Application - UK regions

    Thanks everyone, got it all changed this morning and application submitted! Fingers crossed for the next few months!
  3. Shaunc

    Visa Application - UK regions

    Hey guys and girls, Hopefully this is an easy one and I'm just overthinking it. What do you consider as you region/state/province in the UK, for both the form 80 and the actual online application? I think I've changed my answer for it about 4 times from council areas to the regions within Scotland to just Scotland to just Great Britain - any help or thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks :)
  4. Shaunc

    High Points for 489/190 - South Australia

    Hey guys, first post on here but been following the thread for a couple of months now. Just got my SA Nomination through a couple of days ago, starting to pull together all the documentation. I want to have everything submitted up front as much as possible (Health Check and PCC included). I have tried to create the health declaration on the Immi website, but no option exists for the 489 visa - did anyone else do it beforehand or wait till requested? How else can I generate the HAP ID without going through this? Last question, for the visa application, did you declare all identitiy documents (birth certs, driving license etc), I have driving license but waiting on renewal to change over to new address but if its not needed to submit I wont wait on it.