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  1. Akb47

    Health Waiver

    hi did you have any luck with the health waiver?
  2. Hi, Can you send me the link for the list of visas where the health waiver is available? As I could not find it in the home affairs site. Thanks
  3. Akb47

    Health Waiver

    Hi Bhavesh, did you have any luck with your issue? Have you contacted a migration agent? thanks
  4. Akb47

    Health Waiver

    Hi Bhavesh, You certainly can. I would advice you talk to George Lombard Consultancy. I know that they have dealt with cases similar to this and have gotten successful outcomes. THanks and good luck!
  5. Akb47

    Health Waiver

    Hi Bhavesh, I am sorry to hear that, did the report mention the cost for the period? As the costing can be over inflated by the Commonwealth Medical Officer and I have heard some applicants who had a child with mild autism brought down their cost from the commonwealth stated $600,000 to around $60,000 with the help of specialized migration agents and medical experts make it reasonable for immigration to approve. Good luck to you.