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  1. Has anyone used this company before for insuring their shipping? Just wondered about them. Many thanks, Megan
  2. Yes but there is a post above mentioning someone has obtained a facilitation letter before their date has passed... which is why I asked if there was an email address
  3. Does anyone have an email address to write too to request a facilitation letter for IED? I clicked through to the form above, but my entry date has not yet passed.
  4. Hi all, I am in a situation now where by I might have to fly to Australia by myself (leaving my 3 young children and husband at home) to activate my Permanent Residency visa as my IED is March 2021 and our house sale is about to fall through here in the UK... I know I have to quarantine, even though I just purely need to pass through immigration to get it activated and would ideally fly straight home again that same day!!! But after quarantine, do I need an exemption to leave the country? I read somewhere that if you are a PR or citizen you don't need an exemption form to leave? I don't know if this is right. I have a 1 way flight booked for 4th Jan, because we were supposed to be moving as a family to start our new lives there, but to me it makes sense to keep this flight and book a one way flight back once I arrive in quarantine and know what day ill be released etc... but i don't know if it's as easy as turning up at the airport with my ticket booked! Any advice is greatly appreciated...
  5. Can anyone offer some advice on the AQIS and decontamination fees? Is it worth adding them on to the cost of our shipping? I understand from our shipping company that the AQIS fee needs to be paid regardless? Also with the decontamination service - is this just decontaminating the outside of our container or is it inside too? We are dubious to not be ripped off by our shipping company with the quote! Thanks for any advice offered.
  6. I am in the same situation as Elizabetty - I have 3 young children who I can't be away from, so flying in and out (even if that was allowed) is not really an option for us. My IED is early March. With the latest news that the government is upping the 'cap' of Australians flying home our hope is that by Christmas the backlog of people trying to fly home may have eased a little?! Maybe I'm being a bit naive there... When I called the DHA for the first time they said pretty much the same thing to me that I would have to let the visa lapse and then apply on 'compelling compassionate grounds' as to why I couldn't enter Australia before my IED. I called a second time and the guy told a similar thing. It's such a stressful time. We are in the process of selling our home, which we need to do before we can (try and) fly over... Good luck to everyone.
  7. megan987


    My parents live in Cardiff Bay. It's a lovely area thats still a bit industrial but lots of new buildings going up and infrastructure. Can't comment on schools but Penarth is beautiful, very village like, beautiful green spaces, the beach, playgrounds, shops, a lovely little high street. I would imagine the schools would be better in this area. Good luck with your move!
  8. I will try and join you in your optimism that things will get easier. I hope the growing pressure on the government forces them to take action. Unfortunately business class is not an option for us... we have 3 small boys who would need to come with me.
  9. We saw this news this morning! It is hopeful. If Sydney are willing to up their in take surely QLD and other states will have to do their bit too. Fingers crossed!
  10. Hey all, I'm sure I'm not the only one in this situation but hoping someone might be able to share some advice. My Partner visa (subclass 100 + 309 - issued at the same time) came through on the 5th March (2 weeks before UK lockdown). We started the process of selling our home, it's all going through now (husband also lost his job and we managed to find a buyer during lockdown!) We should be sold by the end of October. My initial entry date is 5th March 2021. We have read so many horrifying reports of people being stranded in the UK and unable to fly home to Australia. 100,000 people trying to get home, airlines constantly bumping passengers, the daily caps being reached and people turned away at the airport, roughly 6 months to fly those registered home? We don't have 6 months as my visa will expire before I have activated it. I have contacted the DHA and they have given me an email address to request a facilitation letter which will 'potentially' extend this IED. I guess I just wondered is anyone else in the same situation? Any advice? We've had a few heavy conversations recently thinking we may need to give up on our dream of Australia for now and try again in a few years when all this has calmed down (hopefully). It is seemingly getting more and more impossible to get to Australia and we've almost lost hope. Thanks, Meg
  11. megan987

    Commute from Gold Coast to Brisbane

    Yeah I understand the drive can be a bit hectic. I meant to be more specific in my question and say we are looking at the trains. Just wondering how busy etc they get during rush hour.. Thanks for your response!
  12. I was just wondering if anyone had any recent experiences/advice on the commute from Gold Coast (Helensvale will be our nearest station) to Brisbane CBD. We are trying to do some research (we are very familiar with the GC and know the train times etc) but looking more for daily realities/pitfalls/advice... Forum posts we've found are quite old... Thanks!
  13. megan987

    Quarantine in Brisbane

    Does anyone know which hotels they are using in Brisbane for the mandatory quarantine during this COVID outbreak? Thanks!
  14. Congratulations!!! I also got my 309/100 on the 5th March!!!! We were over the moon!! It took 11 months from application... now we just need to figure out where to move too!
  15. I know once your temp Visa has been granted you get 1 year from the date of your police check to activate your Visa, what I want to know is how long do you have to permanently move to Aus once your Visa is activated? For example, if we fly to Aus for a short trip to activate the Visa then fly home to the UK - how long do you have to actually move over? Thanks to anyone who can help!