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  1. 7 hours ago, Nurse77 said:



    congrats on the invite. I am currently doing my skill assessment with ANMAC and would like to apply for 489 visa for SI. I have almost 1 year of nursing experience as a registered nurse at a clinic for asthma and allergy clinic. I have applied as an RN nec with anmac because I could not figure out which ANZSCO code is the best fit for my occupation. 

    How many years of nursing experience do you have? I am afraid to apply because I know SI asks for 2 years of nursing experience onshore. Do you have nursing experience in Australia? I have also seen many nurses approved for nomination without meeting this requirement.

    my score is 60+10=70 points total. 


    I haveva total of 17 years experience in Paediatrics. No onshore experience but still got invited by God's Grace. My score was 55+10.

  2. 1 hour ago, jackdaniels said:

    Thanks can you please answer my questions

    1- how long it took for Expression of interest approval

    2- after paying 770 Aud and submitting files..how long it took for Invitation from state 

    Last one - how long it took got Australian govt to give invitation from skill select after first two steps

    1) 2 weeks

    2 and 3) In 3 days after they received my documents. Received both invitations on the same day.

  3. 23 hours ago, hungle said:

    Hi glorypps,

    Thank you for your quick reply.

    Did you recieve any confirmation email after submitting the Step 1?

    I am new in this forum so I am confused about how the visa 489 works. After I got nominaion from SI, does it mean I can get the visa 489 OR the DHA is gonna invite the one who got the higher score through SkillSelect?

     Thank you in advance!

    I had an agent to do this. After step 1 I received an invite to submit a full application paying 770 dollars. And then received the final invitation from NSW and regional SI in 2 to 3 days.

    I am not sure about the confirmation email though. For the second invite I got a confirmation email stating that they received my application and will let know in 6 weeks.

    Hope this helps.

  4. 10 hours ago, hungle said:

    Hi guys,

    I would like to seek your assisstance regarding my EOI application (Step 1). I haven’t recieved any comfirmation email after applying for Step 1. Is it normal? 

    I have 60 +10  points (Electrical Engineer). Do I have a high chance to get nominated from SI? 

    Thank you.


    I received the first invite in 2 weeks with 65 points. I guess the invitation is depending on the demand. Hopefully you get it soon.


  5. On 09/06/2019 at 23:59, Nurse77 said:



    congrats on your invite! I am also a registered nurse, educated and currently working in the US at a Clinic for asthma and allergies. I have  less than 1 year of experience, but by the time I am done with my skill assessment, I am sure I ll have 1 year of experience. At the moment I am thinking of what ANZSCO code to use, registered nurse nec, or registered nurse medical practice. Is it possible to change your code after you apply to ANMAC, but before your assessment has started?  I am not sure what are the chances of getting an invite with  a skill assessment for RN nec. 

    It is so nice to see that people with 70 points are getting invites, as I am in the same boat. I was thinking to apply for 190 for NSW with 65 points (including sponsorship), but 489 might be a better option, although many of the regions do not accept applications at the moment.

    Any recommendations for good migration agents?

    thank you and all the best with the paperwork and the application process.



    I use an agent from India. They have been decent till now and am happy with them.

  6. On 11/06/2019 at 05:34, Prett said:


    This is preet

    I got nomination from southern inland and have applied for 489 visa last week...

    Could you just advise me about the processing time for this visa..... 


    I too had applied last week. My agent says 7 months but one nurse received her grant in 2 months of submitting application.

    So, its just a matter of submission of complete documents and case officer.

    Keeping fingers crossed.

  7. Hi, I received the final invite from regional and NSW on 9th April. I am getting my papers ready. Have to launch by June 1st week. 

    For the AHPRA, am still doing my CPDs. A few more points and I will apply for the registration.

    Praying everything goes well for all of us.


  8. Hi,

    Just now submitted all documents to my agent. They will get probably mail it this week. And then am not sure of the wait period for the invite from NSW. 

    I am still not sure where to start looking😰

    Waiting for some guidance.

    All the best with your process.

    I guess we will soon meet in SI😀

    Take care😊

  9. 4 hours ago, KSH81 said:

    Hiya. I got invite to SI. I’m a nurse critical care and emergency. Just trying to get all paperwork together. 😄


    Congrats... me too in the same boat...😂 am a Paediatric Nurse.

  10. On 04/03/2019 at 17:16, natea21 said:

    Hi there. Sorry if this is in the wrong place. I'm just looking for a little advice.

    My aim is to emigrate to Australia as I have three brothers and a sister living in Brisbane, all settled and Australian citizens. I visited them in October and came away thinking 'yes this is for me'. Before that I hadn't really thought about it. Unfortunately timing wasn't great as I was struggling to make the points due to experience in my job being only two years. I've just hit three years this month, but now (even more unfortunately) I lose points due to turning 40 years old today.

    My initial plan was to wait two years until I have five years work experience and then go for the 189/489 visa options but I have checked the 489 again today and realised that, even with the drop in points from my age, I still have 65 points total.

    I am single and a registered nurse. I don't care where in Australia I go as I am looking at the long game of getting to Brisbane at some point. Being in Australia alone will bring me a lot closer to my family than I am at the moment.

    My query is, should I attempt to apply for the 489 now with 65 points, or wait two more years and apply with 70? I know they say 65 and above but it seems like those with 65 wait a very long time, if not even time out of the application process.

    Any advice anyone can give me would be welcome. Thank you

    Claire x

    Hi Claire,

    I did get invited from Southern Inland at 65 points for 489 in 2 weeks.

  11. On 19/01/2019 at 04:43, Marisawright said:

    No.  Most visas are a competition.   You need a minimum number of points to be eligible, but that doesn't mean you win the competition. 

    People with more points will be picked before you.  New applications are constantly being received and if they have higher points than you, you'll be ignored.  

    Ask your agent about going for the 489 instead, or see if there's any way you  can increase your points.

    Hi, my agent applied an EOI to Southern Inland for 489 with 65 points on 19th Feb 2019 and by 22nd informed me that they cannot process the same as SI wants 2 years OSE. But on 5th March I received my preinvite to lodge a full application.

    I was completely in shock. So I guess we can never understand how it works. Points system works for some.

    I just shared this so it gives some hope to all of us.