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  1. SmileyD

    Visitor Visa 600 Help

    It wasn’t recent. It was about 23 years ago. He got 2 six month sentences served concurrently for the one incident. It might have also helped that it was self defence that went wrong. So he didn’t instigate anything.
  2. SmileyD

    Visitor Visa 600 Help

    Hi Ellie. we applied for 300 in March 2019. applied visitor 600 December 2019. both went to vaccu December 2019. only the 300 has been assessed by vaccu so far. not that any of that matters now as he can’t come to the country thanks to Covid.
  3. SmileyD

    Visitor Visa 600 Help

    Hi all, just want to let you all know our vida has been passed through VACCU. Sent to VACCU December 19 and Approved May 20. We were expecting much longer. We are so pleased but of course we are waiting on a 300 which is not getting processed at the moment with COVID-19 so still waiting.
  4. SmileyD

    Visitor Visa 600 Help

    Do you know if they notify you when they start looking at your case? I couldn’t find that info anywhere
  5. SmileyD

    Visitor Visa 600 Help

    Nothing yet. To be honest I’m going to assume that COVID-19 will delay it even more. Can’t even visit my partner while we wait!
  6. SmileyD

    Visitor Visa 600 Help

    Hope you were all able to fly. Ours went to VACCU in December. We are prepared for our long wait! The referral letter said up to 12 months to process.
  7. SmileyD


    Thanks for sharing everyone. We have 2 visas in the pipeline. 1. PMV lodged March 2019. They requested further info regarding character and said would likely be referred to vaccu once received. We uploaded everything January 16. 2. 600 visitor visa. Lodged December 1 and referred to VACCU December 20. I know it’s going to be a lengthy wait no matter what but hopefully they have something in process where they look at the fact that people may have already been waiting a long time (10 months for PMV) and put a bit more of a priority on these ones. Wishful thinking lol.
  8. SmileyD


    Has anyone had a response from VACCU here? I know there hasn’t been much response on this thread but it’s the most recent one I can find.
  9. It’s great to see so many grants coming through! Hopefully it moves a bit quicker as it seemed to really slow down for a while. we applied March and had RFI December 20. Submitted it all last night. Now just the long wait. Ours is being sent to VACCU and we’ve been told it can take another 12 months! We are currently living in different countries so it’s hard but we are going to focus on a holiday to Thailand to take our minds off things so I’m really looking forward to that!
  10. That’s amazing news! So happy for you.
  11. I’m so sorry to here that you have to return to Australia. Hope your visa is granted soon!
  12. SmileyD

    WHV application - Criminal Record

    Hi @joseph1990 we are in the same boat as you. we are about to work on our character reference letters. Did you get people to do theirs on stat decs or just signed letters? I can’t find anything that states it has to be a stat dec (except for your own obviously) so just wanted to know what you did?
  13. Got an RFI today and application is now at ‘initial assessment’. The request is for character info such as form 80, character references and UK subject access request (no idea what that is lol). Request says once provided it will be forwarded on to character assessment unit so it’s likely to be quite some time for us. My question is does anyone know if there is a template for the character reference or if it needs to be a stat dec? Can’t find any info and from what I have found it can just be a signed letter? Anyone know? Thanks
  14. Well I got a letter today saying they were assessing our 600. BUT it has been referred to VACCU for assessment. Letter states it can take up to 12 months and that it is not likely to be looked at within the next few months. Just for a visitor visa. I get it’s our own fault as he has a record but it’s from 25 years ago as a 21 year old defending himself against a group. Obviously the 600 was a waste of time and the 300 won’t be processed any time soon. What I don’t understand is that they granted him a 457 without sending it for assessment a few years ago. Hopefully they will use the one assessment for both 600 and 300.
  15. I can’t remember but are you in oz on a 600? If so it might be worth writing to your local member of parliament to explain you’ve been asked for the same info 3 times. With any luck they will follow up and someone will look into it and realise it’s all there. To me that’s just poor. They’ve not looked at all your paper work properly. Maybe wait for the new year and if nothing write to them. Not sure what you could do if outside oz though. I didn’t do a form 80 so I’m thinking I should get onto that. I wasn’t sure if I needed this.