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  1. EsBear

    Lapsed entry date due to Covid

    Thank you for the info, I did try to search older posts and couldn’t seem to find the thread. Do you know if anyone has had luck with the facilitation letter? This is really helpful information, thank you
  2. Hello, I was granted the 100 / 309 visa in March this year, we planned to move to Brisbane in May. However, Covid happened and we were not able to leave. We are still in the UK. It says that I need to enter Australia by March 9th 2021. We are on the flight list, (no flight dates, we are probably 20,000 in the queue! ) and have come to terms with the move costing WAY more than originally budgeted for - quarantine, expensive flights etc. However, we feel like it might ideally be better to wait until a bit later in 2021 to move, to give us more time to save and see if the flight / quarantine situation changes. Plus we might not even be able to get flights in time. When we called immi to ask what happens if we don’t enter by the date, we have been told that I could risk losing the visa and would need to appeal to have the entry date extended - but you can’t do this in advance, you have to go through the stress of it lapsing first. I can’t imagine that they would deny anyone due to the Covid situation but it is a risk! I can’t risk losing the whole thing! I just wondered if anyone has experienced their visa entry date lapsing and what happened? thanks all :-)
  3. Hi all, thanks for your replies, I did call back and they gave me the same information which is that there is no process to extend the entry date, besides letting it lapse and appeal. She also said that they would only consider the appeal if you had extenuating circumstances. She couldn't confirm that the global pandemic itself was enough because 1) it is possible to get flights (albeit they are limited) and 2) It is possible for residents to enter the country. Quarantine is essential and so perhaps not a good enough reason itself to not make the visa entry date. If we didn't make it because of this - it would be because we are 'choosing' not to go by the date. Unless there is some other extenuating circumstances. My mother is very unwell and I am a registered carer for her and so I wonder if that is circumstance enough..its just so hard to know because it would mean taking such a big risk to let it lapse before finding out if it is a 'good enough' reason for delaying. Even if I did move over before my entry date - I would HAVE to be able to fly back if she deteriorated. And then I am assuming would need to pay for quarantine all over again... Its a nightmare situation. I wonder if there is a way of finding out if anyone else has had their visa lapsed and made a successful appeal? Any ideas? I did think about taking it higher, not sure how...
  4. Hi all, I was happily granted my 100 parter visa in February this year. We were super excited as it came in perfect time as we planned to move in May after some travelling. We gave up our jobs, listed the house for rent etc. Within the week, covid had full effect and we went into lock down and Australia had seriously restricted repatriation flights only, shipping was slowed. We decided to hold off for a few months. However now with the quarantine conditions in Australia - 2 weeks confined to one hotel room (not of our choosing) and having to pay £2000 for the privilege (really can't afford this as who knows how long it will take to find jobs over there and it would be from our savings), plus we don't think we will be able to ship our cat at this time amongst other things. We think it is best to find new jobs here in the UK and wait until next year when hopefully things might be a little more settled around the world. Plus my mum has become unwell (not covid) but I am trying to support her care and to move into supported accommodation so could do with a bit of time to get her settled before I go. However - we are concerned as this may take us over the 1 year entry time on my visa conditions. We called Australian immigration and the lady was mightly unhelpful, reading off the internet (what we already knew) and saying that we should let the time lapse and then contact them! This doesn't sound right and I don't want to risk losing the visa. I am going to try to call back today - but I wondered if anyone else is in this situation or had any information? Very much appreciated.
  5. EsBear

    Can I take ......

    Hi all, I just wondered if anyone has taken any floor rugs? We have two rugs (one cotton large rag rug type) and one medium - not sure if its wool or acrylic. I was thinking about having them professionally cleaned and wrapped for transport. Just wondering if anyone had any problems bringing rugs in? Or what you would wrap them in to keep them clean en route? Many thanks
  6. EsBear

    Movecube customs clearence time

    Hi Mel.b, Just wondering how long it took in total from door to door? Were you moving from the UK? Thank you
  7. EsBear

    Pet Crates: for air travel

    Thank you this is helpful
  8. EsBear

    Pet Crates: for air travel

    Hello, I just wondered if anyone has had experience in purchasing a crate themselves rather than paying a shipping company for one? We are hoping to move our (small) cat in a few months and trying to save costs where we can, any thoughts appreciated
  9. EsBear

    Pets and Coronavirus/COVID-19

    Hi - I just wondered if anyone has been able to still ship their animal to Australia during lockdown? We were hoping to move in May but had to postpone our move due to the covid situation. We are now hoping for August. I would like to ship our cat but about 6 weeks ago was told that many airlines were not accepting animals at that time. I just wondered if anyone had any updates about this? Have you been able to transport your animal or have a booking confirmed for the next few months? Much appreciated
  10. EsBear


    Hello - I just wondered how you got on and what you decided to do? Like you - I am contemplating the costs of using company vs arranging it myself. We arranged the rabies jab and RNATT test and have the certificate. We are going to book quarantine/import certs and arrange final vaccinations ourselves. I have had quotes from pet shipping companies who have been willing to negotiate on price depending on what has already been done and what you might need their services for. For example - we might use the pet shipping company to arrange the flights and paperwork.. we are still deciding. Just wondering if anyone else has part used a pet shipping company or done it all themselves? Many thanks
  11. Hi all, I received the 100 visa this week yay! It says we have a year from approval to enter. Happy days!
  12. Hi Lizk, Our timeline is very similar to yours, we received an RFI on 12th Feb asking for my husband's Australian police check. (He is my sponsor) We were a bit surprised about this because we were under the impression from everything that we have read - that you only need police checks from any country that you have lived for a year or more in the past 10 years. We have been in the UK for longer than this, So we had both submitted UK police checks already - but not the Aus one. Anyway - he applied for it and we uploaded it on 26th Feb. I also added it to the 'Other documents' section, clicked on the confirm button, and like you say - under 'Additional Information - Other documents' it now shows as 0 attachments. However when I look through all of the attachment categories I can now see another second 'Other documents' section and it is under there. Hopefully you will find yours there too and we wont have to wait much longer!!
  13. EsBear

    Medicare (RHCA) pregnancy

    Hi Hazel, I am waiting for my 309/100 visa and am trying to find out the same thing! Hopefully someone will answer soon!
  14. That is great news- what a great Christmas time gift !!. Now you can really plan your year ahead Can I just ask - anyone who has already been approved- is everyone always submitting the form 80 doc? Is it always necessary or would they only RFI for bits of info they need, if they need it? I haven’t submitted it as it seems to duplicate a lot of what has already been provided in the main application part. But I have front loaded everything else in the hope they will just approve it when my time comes! So am wondering if I should just do it or if it isn’t always necessary? Thank you I applied in June so am hoping they have found their flow now and it won’t be too much longer before we hear anything!
  15. Hi everyone, I just wanted to check something - my visa application (as the applicant) instantly was marked ‘submitted’ but my husbands sponsor form is marked ‘received’ is this the same for everyone? The waiting is so frustrating!! thanks