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  1. Hi all, I received the 100 visa this week yay! It says we have a year from approval to enter. Happy days!
  2. Hi Lizk, Our timeline is very similar to yours, we received an RFI on 12th Feb asking for my husband's Australian police check. (He is my sponsor) We were a bit surprised about this because we were under the impression from everything that we have read - that you only need police checks from any country that you have lived for a year or more in the past 10 years. We have been in the UK for longer than this, So we had both submitted UK police checks already - but not the Aus one. Anyway - he applied for it and we uploaded it on 26th Feb. I also added it to the 'Other documents' section, clicked on the confirm button, and like you say - under 'Additional Information - Other documents' it now shows as 0 attachments. However when I look through all of the attachment categories I can now see another second 'Other documents' section and it is under there. Hopefully you will find yours there too and we wont have to wait much longer!!
  3. EsBear

    Medicare (RHCA) pregnancy

    Hi Hazel, I am waiting for my 309/100 visa and am trying to find out the same thing! Hopefully someone will answer soon!
  4. That is great news- what a great Christmas time gift !!. Now you can really plan your year ahead Can I just ask - anyone who has already been approved- is everyone always submitting the form 80 doc? Is it always necessary or would they only RFI for bits of info they need, if they need it? I haven’t submitted it as it seems to duplicate a lot of what has already been provided in the main application part. But I have front loaded everything else in the hope they will just approve it when my time comes! So am wondering if I should just do it or if it isn’t always necessary? Thank you I applied in June so am hoping they have found their flow now and it won’t be too much longer before we hear anything!
  5. Hi everyone, I just wanted to check something - my visa application (as the applicant) instantly was marked ‘submitted’ but my husbands sponsor form is marked ‘received’ is this the same for everyone? The waiting is so frustrating!! thanks
  6. Hiya- great news that things are moving do you mind me asking when you first lodged your application?
  7. Thank you everyone your responses have been helpful I had just assumed that It would cost the same everywhere, but I might look into this a bit more in case it can save a bit of money! best of luck to everyone- hope something moves soon..!
  8. Good morning all. I applied for the 309/100 visa in June, no agent, uploaded lots of info but held off on the medical and police checks. We have been married for nearly 11 years so I am hoping that I will be granted the permanent visa without too much stress. But after seeing some of your posts, I am thinking of now getting the medical and police checks to front load before an RFI in the hope that it might be approved earlier rather than getting an RFI and then having to wait again in a queue. I am aware that both checks last for 12 months. When I look at the fees for the medical checks at the London doctor - Knightsbridge - (it looks like this is the only place?) there are two checks. One check for Permanent applications £320 or one for Temporary applications £275. Might sound like a silly question, but should we do the permanent one rather than temp, again in the hope they might just grant the permanent visa? Thanks all, it’s frustrating for everyone but nice to know I’m not the only one waiting in silence!
  9. Hello again! How did you complete the form 40SP? a paper form and then scan/upload or is there an online one? Everytime my husband tries to print the paper version a few questions are missed off the end! Just wondering if there are any tips? many thanks and good luck everyone!
  10. Hi all, I am from the U.K. and my husband is Australian, we have been married for 10 years. We applied for my visa about 6 weeks ago but am now worrying that we have missed out something- I completed the applicant application, paid the fee and upload loads of evidence. But my husband hasn’t lodged a separate application or form 40SP - should he? We uploaded his documents within his section on my application page (eg birth cert/ address etc etc) any advice appreciated! thanks
  11. Hi all, I am hoping someone here may know the answer to this- We have made my application for 309, and although we have uploaded evidence for myself and my husband (the sponsor) I can’t tell if he is also meant to complete a separate form? He doesn’t have a separate immi account we have just added everything via my account. Does he have to make his own account or complete form 40SP as many of the questions are already answered in the main online application that I completed. So we assumed not but now are not sure! same question for me as the applicant - do I need to complete form 80? or are both of these forms only if requested by a CO? thanks for your help! Es
  12. Hi everyone, I am from the UK and my husband is Australian. We have been married for 10 years, married in Aus but returned to live in the UK. We own a house here, no kids. We are about to apply for the 309/100 visa to move to Australia, and just wondered if anyone knows when submitting documents like bank statements/ bills etc - is it okay to use online downloads or should we ask the bank to send paper copies and then scan them in? As the application is online now I didn’t know if it would make a difference. Also, should we only get the identity documents certified? Eg passports, birth certs etc? Thank you,