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  1. Kim122017

    187 Visa Processing Time

    Congratulation that your nomination approved. only one step you left now. You said you already submitted enough evidence of work but Co requested again. In my case when I applied TEMPORARY GRADUATE (subclass 485), even though I submitted all the files, sometimes CO requested to get the SAME file again. For example even though I updated Australian police check, CO asked me to resub same file. So in your case, Co might doesn't find out the work evidence file from our folder or want to see more information I guess. The other question is you have a plan to apply 189 visa, one of my friend applied 187 and 189 at the same time last year and 189 visa granted first (the processing time is much quicker than 187 as everyone know) and at the same time 187 was on the initial assessment. So after 189 visa granted, he withdrew 187. because 187 visa doesn't have 100% guarantee, my friend thought. (but each person's view must be different of course) plus MA also suggested that it's better to withdraw 187 (189 is more safe MA said in my friend's case). Hope this helps you a little bit.
  2. Kim122017

    187 Visa Processing Time

    Today on 18th of April 2019 my family finally got PR. It's without any further requested document (Nomi and Visa grant at same date and same time) I am happy to share more information, if I can help. Feel free to ask and good luck everyone! I checked this website everyday especially this year, no words can describe our feeling and it was just very painful to wait. But I wish my case can give the hope to other family and best wish for everyone. This below information is my timeline. Plus a little tip which I guess it was helpful was 1. My family had a medical check on middle of Feb, 2019 by ourselves. (MA or Immigration didn't say anything, but we just wanted to be done before CO open our files.) 2. My family uploaded document file regularly. (After we applied to Visa, we added some evidence files regularly and continuously) : I mean my MA suggested to made a evidence of work duty. So we made a couple of evidence files like emails with clients or something like that. And uploaded recent payslip. 3. Australian police check : My family had a Australian police check around April of 2018 and it was already expired, because one year passed. So we recently updated again with new one. 4. My family tried to uploaded every files which might Immigration request like partner's English, Australian police check, our home country police check, work evidence, payslip, skill assessment, etc. 5. my child's new passport with recent photo. Some of my friend who recently got PR said that the passport photo can cause some troubles sometimes if the child is growing up much compare to the season when they made a passport. I mean if child made a first passport when they were 1 year old something like that and now the child's current age is like 4 years old. the passport photo is much different. So I changed my child's passport with new photo even though the passport expired date is still ok. Hope this can a little help. 6. Recently when I checked this website, the sponsor's turnover seemed very important and crucial for the PR. but actually my sponsor company is very small business. So its not maybe effect 100%. I depend on the occupation or each situation. So don't lose your hope even though the sponsor's business is small like my case. Occupation: Accountant State: QLD Stream: 187 DE Number of applicants: 3 people (me, my wife, my child) RSMS 187 Visa and Nomination and application applied : 12 Dec 2017 Nomination / Visa Approved (same date without any further request document) : 18 April 2019 IMMI Status: Finalised (Even last night on 17th of April, it was still received. but today it just change to Finalised straight away) Documents Requested : Nothing, just got the PR without any further requested document.
  3. Kim122017

    187 Visa Processing Time

    congratulation. When did you apply for nomination and visa? and whats your occupatiom?
  4. Kim122017

    187 Visa Processing Time

    You must be stressful. In my case, i sent an email to Immigration but just genral reply which explain about general processing time. nothing special. Is your sponsor's business small ? It looks like small business take longer waiting.
  5. Kim122017

    187 Visa Processing Time

    Hope 187 visa applicants get the same mail like 186 visa.
  6. Kim122017

    187 Visa Processing Time

    Maybe not only you. everyone who are waiting PR through 187 feel same I bet.
  7. Kim122017

    187 Visa Processing Time

    Congratulation. What's your position?
  8. Kim122017

    187 Visa Processing Time

    Oh congratulation. I applied as Accountant General as well. No news yet. How many employees your accounting firm has? I really wish that my nomi and visa grant soon. very tough time.
  9. Kim122017

    187 Visa Processing Time

    I just read your posting and Its not a positive comment but my friend's case, she applied 187 and then her CO requested police check and medical check request , then CO refused. So my friend really frustrated and still don't understand why they requested the visa even though they had a plan to rejected. but its always case by case, and no one sure about your case. Good luck !
  10. Kim122017

    187 Visa Processing Time

    Have you contact with Immigration? call or email? Its tough time to wait from June 2017. longer than processing time.
  11. Kim122017

    187 RSMS nomination

    Hello. Thank you for all the information. I was wondering if the person applied RSMS visa by themselves, not through the Immigration agency, how they applied Nomination by themselves and how they can check the status? Is there any website people can apply for the nomination and check the progress? Thank you in advance. Good luck for everyone.
  12. Kim122017

    187 Visa Processing Time

    So I was wondering if someone said my nomination approved. How people knew about that? Is agency told them? or they got the email from immigration?
  13. Kim122017

    187 Visa Processing Time

    Quick question : How I can check my nomination granted or not. Should I check on Immi account website after login? or agency only know about that? When I loged in my immi account, it says "received". It means my nomination is still not assess yet. Is that right? Thank you for any advices.