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  1. ArunKumar275

    Visa approval ratio

    Is anyone have a data about the 190 visa approval ratio for last years, like 1000 applications issued sponsorship 900 applications approved by immigration dept......
  2. ArunKumar275

    Further assessment

    Is anyone standing in further assessment stage for 190 visa? How long you guys wait for?
  3. ArunKumar275

    190 visa processing time

    Yes ,CO asked a letter for my wife's Master degree, my entree dates in Australia on Dec 06,2018,now the processing time changed to 8 to 10 months
  4. ArunKumar275

    Ratio of visa approved

    Is anyone knows the ratio of visa approved for 190 visa? Like 100 people sponsored 20 people got visa,......???
  5. 190 visa I have applied on may 19,2018 pastry cook with 60 points, anyone near the time frame?
  6. ArunKumar275

    190 visa

    For me, I applied on may 19,2018. Waiting for visa decision, it depends on ur profile, for me I worked in cruiseline