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    UK Private Pension Withdrawal in OZ

    Thanks for the help Ken Is it possible then to get statements of past performance easily? I have written to the relevant Pension Fund to try and get a statement of performance for the last 15 years (how long I have been here) as unfortunately through moving etc past statements have been lost. Wondered if there was a short cut as I only have a week left to complete my tax return to finding out past past pension performances through the years.
  2. Hi I am 61 and a dual national (UK/Aus) and have a couple of Private Pensions in the UK from previous working, I am currently unemployed and planning to self fund retire or work part time, earlier this year I closed and withdrew the balance of one of my pension funds (not much 20k or so ) as it did not allow me to Draw Down from it and wasn't performing well. The money is sat in my UK bank account currently and as I was an Australian Tax Payer I claimed my Tax back that the Inland Revenue automatically stopped. I now need to fill in my 2020 Oz tax forms and was wondering:: A) Do I have to declare these as earnings as I am self funding retiree,not claiming anything at all atm? B) I also have an Australian Super but did not draw the $10,000 Covid payment that was allowed earlier this year so can I offset some of the UK super for that?