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    Vetassess hairdressing technical interview

    Hey ladies fortunately I got all my paper work sorted was about to send off when my husband was offered a sponsor in the area we want to be. So hopefully aslong as everything goes through which seems to be I won’t have to do this interview. I done all the revision for this and got all the info I needed but still pleased I hopefully don’t have to do it lol. I’v not done any exams since qualifying 15 years ago.
  2. Any hairdressers on here recently done the vetassess technical Skype interview for hairdressers ?
  3. To all the hairdressers out there please help. Ever since starting to apply for our 190 state notminated skilled visa for NT. All I have been thinking about is the practical test and it is stressing me out think because it is all on me can’t sleep it’s going over in my head trying to think what to expect I’v been self employed 12 years and never really done any tests apart from the odd course I have been doing mostly beauty for the last 6 years however to get in I have to use my hairdressing qualifications. I am waiting to here back after submitting paper work then on to the dreaded practical if I pass after paper work part. I’m already going over hairdressing to refresh my memory. Can anyone give me any advice on the practical? Did anyone get the questions below these are what I’m going to be asked about? Also I’v never done chemical straightening I have done it in salon but not qualified I also have done barbering but only basics on beards and moustaches. So I am now panicking I’m going to fail on this part. Anyone else been in this dilemma? I have read some previous threads but we’re off a little while ago so I’m looking for advise on more recent please. Wish it was a practical would be so much easier.