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  1. Hi all, Looking for some suggestions/advice on how to approach my upcoming move. Arriving into Sydney with my Wife on 16th November, hiring a car and staying over the night there. Over the next 5 days we are going to be travelling up the east coast making our way to our final destination of Brisbane. I am thinking the easiest way is to rent an Airbnb for maybe a month and hit the job hunt as soon as I arrive. Once I have work its at this point I would be able to look for a longer term rental. Anybody did similar to this or possibly suggest an alternative way Many thanks
  2. Nurrishd

    Are we being misled?

    Can you confirm that you are using a reputable Mara registered agent?
  3. Nurrishd

    Visitor 600 with no 8503 condition

    Really appreciate your reply. Many thanks
  4. My wife just got granted a 1 year multiple entry visitor visa which has no 8503 condition attached to it. She is currently in the Philippines and my self in the UK. I am a Australian Permanent resident myself. Our current plan is to meet up in a few months and travel together to Australia. For now our intentions are to travel and for me to start work after that and for her to stay with me initially for 3 months. However if there comes a time she decides she would like to stay longer what options are open to her being onshore. I've heard about applying for a partner visa which then allows her to stay on a bridging visa whilst its under processing. Another potential curve ball is that by the time we arrive she may be 4 months pregnant Many thanks
  5. Nurrishd

    Been here 10 years thought it’s time to tell my story

    That is some commitment! I struggled with 8 days on 6 days off
  6. Nurrishd

    Tourist visa

    How long will processing take? 16 days to 26 days This range is based on the Global processing times which are updated monthly. The estimate may change during the processing period.
  7. Nurrishd

    RRV Options availble to me?

    So to be clear in my mind, If arrived back before my expiry I would need to stay in the country until I can apply for citizenship without being able to leave?
  8. Nurrishd

    RRV Options availble to me?

    Thanks for the replies. So if I were to get back into the country before the expiry, can I reinstate travel conditions on to the visa to allow me to leave and re-enter to give me more time?
  9. Nurrishd

    RRV Options availble to me?

    Quick back story: Arrived in Australia September 2011 on a working holiday visa. Found employment and was sponsored for a 457 visa 6 months later. Was then sponsored for my resident visa in 2014 which was granted in November 2014. I left Australia May 2015 due to my partner at the time being denied an extension of her visa. So we left and headed to New Zealand where I lived up until June last year. After the break up I moved back to my home country England My Permanent Australian visa has an expiry of November this year and due to working here now I may not be able to get back to avoid it expiring. I do intend to settle down in Australia sometime next year. What are my options too keep this a possibility? Thanks