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  1. mukden

    PR granted

    186 or 187?
  2. Since I will arrived soon in SA, my pals in Canada told me it is better to rent a car for months or even years. you can always enjoy the new models and paid less compared with buying a new auto. it that true? btw which model is the most popular one for a three-ppl family? cheers.
  3. Can I get an Aussie mobile phone card offshore before landing? It that possible to apply for a sim card online overseas? cheers
  4. mukden

    House or apartment in SA?

    it that ok to drink directly?
  5. mukden

    House or apartment in SA?

    Hey guys, some friends told me that the houses in Adelaide, SA may face problems such as littles bugs, such as flea if you have carpet in your rooms. And it is better to live in an apartment to avoid these issues which is also safer. Is that true?Is there any good solution for this? cheers,
  6. mukden

    Adelaide Vs Perth

    You can try to live in both cities for couple of months ,then make yr decision.
  7. mukden

    187 Visa Processing Time

    what kind of bar it is? that' a limit from gov or what?
  8. mukden

    what is the best mobile/cable carrier in Oz?

    best cost performance
  9. Pls share your opinon. And what about thses MVNOs?
  10. mukden

    Wanting to move back to Australia

    not really. As per ABC news, the proportion of 1st and 2nd generation of immigration is over 50% now for the whole country.
  11. mukden

    Wanting to move back to Australia

    yes, Oz is an established country. However it is soooooo young regarding modern civilization, Inheritance of traditional culture and etc. The life trajectory could be different if you are a new immigrant.
  12. mukden

    Wanting to move back to Australia

    I think the "new world" is better than the old world -europe, Aisa to some extent. You can create new rules and new patterns of life. Nation of immigrants like Oz, it is full of new opportunity and the new challenge.
  13. mukden

    Here we go again- and a warning to new people

    quite true.
  14. mukden

    187 Visa Processing Time

    thanks very much mate!