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  1. Hello everyone, Been a silent reader for years now but newly joined the forum just this week. Me and my wife are looking into the possibility of applying for a 489 Skilled Regional (Provisional) Visa, Invited Pathway, sponsored by a relative living in a designated area; in particular, Victoria. My questions are, 1) For family-sponsored pathway under the 489 Visa, do we need to do and submit something to the Victoria Government prior creation of EOI? The VIC Gov website says submit a Skilled Regional Dec Form. Does that apply for family-sponsored as well? 2) The VIC Gov has a state-specific skilled occupations list for the 489 visa, in my understanding this list is irrelevant for 489 family-sponsored visas? And the bigger list of the immigration website, the 489 skilled occupation list, which includes the MTLSOL will prevail? Thank you very much in advance and looking forward to your responses. Good luck to us all!
  2. Thank you for response JetBlast. My wife currently has 70 points, but she is an accountant in the occupations list. Hence, other visas will be very difficult to consider and we thought having a relative in a designated area in Victoria will help us having a visa.
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    186 Labour Market Test

    Hi All, New guy here, been a silent reader for years now. There are several different views on this but I need confirmation from you guys. 1) The labour market test requirement will not apply to the 186 ENS Visa under Direct Entry stream. I cannot seem to connect to the relation of the LMT to the 186 ENS DE Visa. I have read the immigration website, the Migration Act and Regulation (i tried, lol) and I cannot see the connection between the two. When the LMT is mentioned, it always relates to the 482 (formerly 457) Work Visa. However, the problem is, the first migration agent we contacted mentioned the LMT is a requirement of the 186 ENS DE Visa. 2) Can my wife be sponsored by her current employer if she occupies the position that is going to be nominated by her employer? We are currently on a 485 Temp Grad Visa. The occupation is being filled by a temporary resident. Thank you all!