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    HR Manager/Advisor - vetassess/AIM

    Thank you for the feedback we are finding it hard to book a consultation with a migration agent so had to resort to forums, I appreciate your help we are also looking into new zealand aswell so fingers crossed
  2. regan1213

    HR Manager/Advisor - vetassess/AIM

    Thanks paul even though we’ve been told the 5 years experience may substitute for the degree (emailed vetassess asking for information) it’s still highly unlikely they’ll look at us due to not having an actual degree?
  3. regan1213

    HR Manager/Advisor - vetassess/AIM

    Hey Guys Just looking for anybody with any experience proving their skills as a human resources advisor or manager to vetassess or AIM. My Wife is currently a HR manager with no degree, a CIPD level 5 and almost 5 years experience (20 months she will have 5 years experience). She ticks all the boxes of the highly relevant tasks for both a manager and and advisor, I will try to keep this into as little questions as possible. What documentation/evidence do each assessor require? Do they need verbal or written confirmation from an employer or is clear documentation fine? as her current employers are unfortunately quite likely to sabotage this is given the opportunity to do so. In terms of job tasks she qualifies now however her official title before being promoted to the manager position was not a manager or advisor but an assistant (official tasks still tick all the boxes) could this be used now as possible experience? I look forward to any feedback you guys can help with. thank you all
  4. regan1213

    Locksmith Visa

    hi Guys UK Locksmith here. Just wondering if anybody has migrated recently as a locksmith? Also what documents did you need to submit in order to prove you were a locksmith and what did the skills assessment consist of as I am primarily a residential locksmith? Many Thanks