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    Relocating to Perth

    We’re planning on moving to Perth after Xmas from Victoria, I’m reading conflicting information online about whether we are allowed to even enter WA. i work in recruitment and believe I’ll need an exemption letter, Is that the case does anyone know? thanks
  2. djianb

    482 transfer

    Once a transfer of sponsorship is occurring, is there any chance that immi Dept would notify current sponsor that a change of sponsorship has been requested or going through? just as could be quite awkward and unprofessional if my current r sponsor was notified by a 3rd party that I’ll be resigning
  3. Hi Im just about to get a new sponsor for my 482 (new job) if I was to resign during the processing time and say it went over the 60 day deadline of finding a new sponsor would I be without a visa, or does that only kick in when there is no sponsor at all, if that makes sense? just as it’ll be going in, in the next week and with Xmas looming etc.
  4. Further question: when the transfer is going through what are the chances of the immi dept notifying my current sponsor/employer that there is a transfer going through? Has anyone had this happen? just as it would be extremely unprofessional for my current sponsor to find out I’ll be resigning prior to me telling them
  5. Looking at few houses in Kinross and wondered west ppl think of it to live in. were 25/35 abd have a dog and are pretty chilled. Both will he working in the cbd. We’ll have a car so can drive in. just wanted ppls overall thoughts on location to cbd and general weekend living
  6. djianb

    482 Sponsor Transfer Processing Times

    How long did your transfer take? Mines due to go in next week
  7. If the new employer is refused, will my current employer still be my sponsor or will I be without a sponsor (not having resigned)
  8. Thanks for the informative response, think I’ll just wait it out tbh
  9. I know they are unpredictable that’s why I’m asking the question in relation to if it takes say 75 days which is 15 days past the new sponsor deadline would my visa get cancelled or would that 60 day deadline not matter as it’s currently processing (same as if you went onto a bridging visa whilst transferring over)
  10. My visa would be cancelled if it say took 75 days processing time even through I’d resigned during the processing time and a visa transfer is being processed?
  11. We’re moving to Perth in Jan from Melbourne but will have to self isolate in a Airbnb for a few weeks before house searching and then setting up home. has anyone recently moved from east coast to Perth recently and recommend any good removals companies with the option for storage? thanks in advance
  12. djianb

    Moving from Mel removals

    How much did you have to move and how much did it cost you if you don’t mind me asking?
  13. djianb

    Relocating to Perth

    Thanks Fremantle
  14. djianb

    Relocating to Perth

    Flights are booked for jan 4th. does anyone know if we can do our 14 days self quarantine in an Airbnb? It says suitable premises so assuming I just provide them the details? Here’s hoping the cases in vic stay non existent and we move onto the very low risk list!!
  15. djianb

    Relocating to Perth

    Seems as though the news for the interstate borders is positive and as long as we don’t drop the ball in Vic, worst case we’ll have to do 14 days isolation, best case nothing at all. We were planning on coming end of dec/early jan
  16. djianb

    Moving from Vic to WA

    We’re moving from Melbourne to WA when allowed and I’ve secured a job in the CBD, so has my partner. were originally from the Uk and want to live close to the beach (15/20 min walk) but also relatively close to the CBD via public transport (max 45 mins) what suburbs would be best to look at for a 2+ bed house with yard for around 750 a week? thanks
  17. djianb

    Moving from Vic to WA

    I’ve heard Fremantle isn’t the nicest and is full of drunks/druggies. We’re moving from Melbourne CBD and have our fair share of that here so looking for more family orientated area? (Reviews on homely re freo)
  18. We’ve been in Melbourne since may last year and have never really settled here. With the current restrictions and us never really taking advantage of what Melbourne is known for, we’re weighing up our options to move. on our radar is either Adelaide or Sunshine Coast, I have 2 job opportunities through sponsorship which will lead to PR (regional) which is another driving factor as in Melbourne on my visa there is no pathway to PR. when moving here we’d never visited and chose melb over Sydney. Again, we’ve never been to Adelaide or SC so unsure which to choose. our most important boxes to tick are: nice 2+bed house (with pool would be bonus) for around 750 a week, better weather than melb, close to nice beaches, decent places to dine out etc, community to make friends ideally. has anyone made the moves and if so pros and coms? Anyone’s comments and thoughts would be greatly appreciated! thanks
  19. Thanks everybody much appreciated. deffo think I’ll do the list idea, Shame we can’t visit either at the moment to test drive them
  20. Hi I’m currently on my 482tss visa and am concerned about being made redundant from work and subsequently not being able to find a new sponsor in 60 days due to covid19 pandemic. if I was to return to the uk can I apply again for another 482tss visa In say 12 months or can I only hold one (2x2years) in my lifetime? thanks
  21. djianb

    482 TSS, can I get another one?

    I appreciate that, it was more around for arguments sake if there wasn’t that much unemployment I could essentially reapply. Like there isn’t a onetime only deal with it
  22. Hi I'm currently in Melbourne in a 482tss visa, I was planning on returning to the UK for a week in April for my brothers wedding and wondered if anyone knows of re-entry restrictions on a tss visa with the covid-19 pandemic at the moment? the gov travel advice website only states that China Korea Iran & Italy are on the list where by you need to be out of the above countries for more than 14 days prior to entry to Australia? any advice or thoughts or anything would be greatly appreciated thanks
  23. Hi im on a 482 visa at present and wish to change employer (same job / duties) does anyone know the current processing time for this? They are a able to sponsor me and have submitted the request to transfer sponsorship over. thanks
  24. djianb

    482 employer transfer process time?

    Thanks for this but that is the processing time of new submissions for visas, not a transfer of employer as I’m already on a 482 visa in Australia
  25. djianb

    $150k basic salaries enough

    I know this question will have been asked a lot however... me and my girlfriend are moving out to Melbourne and will have $150,000 per annum as basic salaries split into 90 / 60 plus we both work in recruitment so have the opportunity to earn commission. ive worked the following out; $600 food shopping $800 per week rent $400/500 utilities $250 Health insurance $320 Train a month - both Mobile phones are paid through work including personal calls so won’t need mobiles. Leaving around $5000 a month to live off etc.. does that seem reasonable?