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  1. I found this tracker from a while back on this forum, and looks like this time last year there was a bit of a lull too... Maybe they've hit a quota or something as is the reason for the lack of grants at the moment? Offshore Partner Visa London (3).xlsx
  2. Yep, I know the feeling!
  3. Was just thinking the last grant on here was about 2 weeks ago! I'm going slightly mad!
  4. Just logged onto my immi account and realised that there was a button at the bottom of my attach documents section to confirm that requested documents had been uploaded. After clicking this button my application has gone to "Further assessment" from "Initial assessment". has this happened to anyone else?
  5. Hopefully we have some grants this week, last week was v quiet! Out of curiosity, what is the processing office for your visa? It should say a the bottom of your RFI email. Ours is London, and I'm curious as to which countries move quicker than others...
  6. We have just uploaded new joint bank statements, any photos or e-mail exchanges between us both and other parties as each month passes by, rationale being that more information can't hurt our application. Im not sure on the temp visa bit though, I am not sure if I will be granted a permanent or temp visa myself, although at this point I would just like a visa so we can get on with our plans, regardless of 309 or 100. Fingers crossed we all start seeing grants soon.
  7. We submitted from London in January 2019 with front loaded application other than medical, received RFI for medial in May which was uploaded in June. Not heard anything since. Think I'm starting to go slightly insane with all the waiting!
  8. Amazing - How exciting for you!! When are you planning to move over? Hopefully we get a flurry of golden tickets now. We submitted medicals over 5 weeks ago after a RFI and not heard a single thing since!
  9. In the same boat! RPI for medial which was uploaded to my account on June. Hoping to be in Melbourne by the end of November, so really hope we get the visa through before then!
  10. Just got an email requesting the medical! It's already booked for 6th June but didn't think we would hear anything until a lot later on!
  11. Hey everyone, long time reader here... I applied in January and have gradually been uploading all the documents needed. I'm hoping to get my medical booked in for next month. Haven't heard anything as of yet from immi, but hopefully once my medical is uploaded it will be quite straight forward (Fingers crossed). We are planning on moving to Melbourne around the end of the year as my partner is from there. Can't wait
  12. Hi All, Im new here but finding the forum really useful in seeing other peoples experiences. Im a British citizen and my girlfriend is Australian. We've been together since late 2013, with evidence of us living together through us being jointly named on leases, and having a joint bank account, bills, car lease etc since 2015, before this we were living in a shared house so didn't have joint accounts etc to provide this evidence, however we have provided lots of pictures and communication between us. I paid for my application for 309 from the UK on 13th January 19, and uploaded everything other than police checks and medical as was told by immigration not to do this until my case officer gets in contact so that they don't expire. However, I see a lot of people have opted to upload police and medial checks as a front loaded application. My question is, should I go ahead and get the checks done now and upload the evidence, or wait until a case officers contacts me because I didn't upload the info at the time I lodged my application? Me and my partners and still currently living together, but she is heading back to Oz in Sept of this year as she needs to be there then to start a new job. I am hoping that my visa will be granted by December so I can be out there for Christmas!