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  1. TWright105

    Accounting (Qualified) - Melbourne

    Thanks Collie, that’s really useful. ive been keeping my eye out on seek for sometime now and there does seem to be an abundance of jobs available in Melbourne so fingers crossed I can get my foot in the door. many thanks
  2. Just got the golden email, I’ve been granted 100 visa can’t believe it! Off to Melbourne on 29th December. thanks for everyone’s support, and I hope that people that are still waiting get their grants soon!
  3. Fantastic news! Fingers crossed the rest of us January applicants will get grants soon!
  4. I had my medical in Knightsbridge and I didn’t have a choice they charged me £320 .
  5. We did medical when we got the rfi from case officer as didn’t want to have to re do if it expired.
  6. Hoping for some movement soon. Booked my flight for the 29th December as they were starting to get expensive (£1000 for one way!!). I Can change the date free of charge but am hoping to be able to spend New Years in Melbourne with my partner who is currently on a flight back to oz. fingers crossed everyone!!
  7. My partner is moving back to Australia next week, and we were hoping that my visa would have been granted by now so I was planning on flying with her (or very shortly after). I know a 600 visa is an option but I would rather wait until my 309/100 comes through. Should we upload a statement to our visa application explaining the situation in that my partner is going to be living back in Melbourne? I am unable to use the "update details" button on the sponsor application, which I assume is because we both moved to my parents in July at which point I updated our address details then. And help/advice is most appreciated!
  8. TWright105

    Grants 2019?

    What visa has he applied for? I applied in jan for 309 and still waiting, so could be a long await ahead for may applications. I think there are still some people who lodged in December 3018 that are still waiting? getting really trusting indeed!
  9. Same! Really hoping my visa is granted in the next couple of weeks as December flight guys are getting expensive
  10. Hi Everyone, Currently waiting for my 309/100 to be granted, hopping this will come through soon so I can be over in Melbourne for the end of the year. I am a CIMA qualified accountant with 15 years UK experience, 9 of those I work for an international oil & gas service company, and 3 years working in the renewables (solar) sector. I am going to be applying for the CPA qualification once I have moved to oz. Just wondering if there are any other Brits on here that are qualified accountants, who now live in Oz, what was your experience like in getting a job? I know that not having experience in Australia is going to be an issue, but hoping that my international experience will help (I was the accountant for a Singaporean company for 2 years). Every time I do a job search it seems like there is an abundance of Senior Accountant / Management accountant / Financial Controller based roles in Melbourne. Has anyone else been successful in landing any of these types of jobs? Many Thanks,
  11. We have the same timeline as you, really hoping we hear something asap. Fingers crossed for us all
  12. We had a RFI on 24/05 and uploaded the requested medical within 2 weeks and have heard nothing since, we applied Jan 16th. Really hoping we hear something soon. We have been keeping our immi account updated with photos from various weekends away etc... Seems like the November applications on this thread have all gone through, so hoping they are onto December applications now, then hopefully January applications next. Not sure if there are any December applications on here? May be the reason it seems like not much is moving.... My Aussie partner is flying back to Melbourne at the end of Oct, so really hoping I hear something by then!
  13. You have a similar timeline to us... Hopefully we don't have too much longer to wait! When did you get your RFI?
  14. Awesome news @Meath Lass & @Edinlass - how exciting for both of you! So good to see the October applications finally going through.