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  1. 1109842070

    Issue regarding 101/309visa

    Just simplify the question then, I want to send my child back to Oz when he/her is around 5 years old. By that time, both his parents' visa have been expired, while his child still has valid PR. Is it possible to send the kid to OZ's primary school, under his parent's close friend supervision(guardian and homestay)?
  2. 1109842070

    Issue regarding 101/309visa

    So I plan to get 101 visa, after my future child is born. My question now is after my child born 4 years later, can I send him/her to my closest friend home. By that time, my PR is supposed to be expired and my child is still holding valid 101 PR. My friend can be my child's home stay and guardian, in the meanwhile, my wife and I can work overseas. Is it feasible to do it that way?
  3. 1109842070

    Issue regarding 101/309visa

    I just got granted, not one year yet
  4. 1109842070

    Issue regarding 101/309visa

    I will do it this year, not a big problem
  5. 1109842070

    Issue regarding 101/309visa

    I don't think the sponsor has to reside in Oz, when his partner applies visa 309. Where did you see it? As far as I can see, the department website only claims as long as you are pr/citizen you can apply for 309 for your partner.
  6. 1109842070

    Issue regarding 101/309visa

    What do you mean activate? I have been to OZ before visa granted, but never be OZ after pr granted. So can I arrive OZ lets say 4 years later, after pr granted? I also have one question in my first post. Can I send my child to my friends to take care of? By that time, it is supposed that my visa has been expired already, but my child holds valid 101 PR. I wish he may attend primary school in OZ in his 6 years old.
  7. Hi everyone, I am a 189 pr holder currently. However, I do not plan to move to OZ in five years due to work. I wonder is my child available to apply for 101 visa after my pr expired(5 years later)? I got a few friends in OZ who are willing to take care of my child. Is it possible to send my child(supposing he gets PR already) to my friends' house as homestay or guardian so that my child to attend primary school without me, while I am still in overseas working. Same issue with 309 visa, can my partner applies for 309 visa after my 189 visa expired which is the date when she submits the application?