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    DO NOT QUIT AND CANCEL YOUR 457!!!! Sorry to shout but that was the situiation I was in. I have had to stick it out at my employer - even though I wanted to leave. Fortunately my BVA will be kicking in when my 457 visa expires on the 19th september. I thougt about doing the same thing as you but it is a very, bad idea! Your 457 is cancelled and then your bridging visa is also cancelled and you would have to leave. You'll just have to tough it out where you are
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    457 to Partners - What bridging visa do you get?

    awesome - thanks mate
  3. Hi there, Further to a question many answered the other day. I am on a 457 visa, which runs out on the 19th September 2019. I am about to submit my partner visa and have questions about what bridging visa I would move on to. Had a look online and there doesn't seem to be a lot of information about this scenario. Some say that I would be on the same conditions as my work visa, even though that would have expired and that I would therefore have to stay with the same employer. Is that the case? Does anyone else have any similar experience to my situation as I'm kinda feeling like a unicorn at the moment - surely others have come on a 457, fallen in love and then applied for the partner visa to stay? All input would be gratefully received! Cheers
  4. Thanks guys for your help - so I'm guessing asking for the 457 to be cancelled, is not the best idea in the world then! Looks like I'll just have to keep at it - appreciate the advice. Thanks
  5. Hi guys, I was wondering if anyone could help? I'm currently on a 457 visa, which runs out in September 2019. I am just about to lodge my defacto partner visa application forms - no issues with that as we've been together for 3 years and are now married etc. However, I was wondering if anyone had any knowledge or had been in a similar situation. I really hate where I work and would love it if I could lodge my application, get the bridging visa, cancel my 457 and quit my place to find another job - all without having to leave the country. So - does anyone know if it is possible to request that your current 457 visa be cancelled and then go straight on to the bridging visa, whilst our partner visa application is processed? Otherwise I will just have to wait until my 457 runs out and then the bridging visa kicks in - not the end of the world but still a pain as this place is drinking me to drink! Thanks in advance