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  1. PaulVazz

    Moving to the UK with a Dog

    Hey there, Yep that's right, from the quotes I have so far, the dog leaves the day before you do and you can get them the day after you arrive. So far I have quotes for around $4K to $5K for a Maltese X Shitzu - so not a big dog. It ain't cheap!
  2. PaulVazz

    Moving to the UK with a Dog

    Hey Guys, I'm just starting the process of getting my dog over the UK. I know he needs to have his Rabies shot, but we went to fill in the TOR form and they are asking for a Pet Passport? Is this something in particular? Or is it just his shot details and vaccinations details etc? Also can you fill in the form before he has the Rabies shot - they are asking for the details of that, so I'm assuming we need to get him sorted at the vet before completing the TIR from? thanks for your help in advance.
  3. PaulVazz

    Opening a UK Bank Account

    Yeah I’ve thought about this kind of account. Do you know if Is it easy to transfer cash from the HSBC account to a UK account once you’re living in the UK? And if the money is in GBP in the HSBC account would you get charged fees for transferring to the UK account?
  4. PaulVazz

    Opening a UK Bank Account

    Hi there, So I'm wondering if there's any bank in the UK who'll let you open a bank account without proof of residence? Ideally I'd like to open a UK account before moving there so I can move money across earlier, but it seems all banks require a UK address. Any assistance would be appreciated. thanks Paul..
  5. Great thanks for that. Yeah that all makes sense. Here's hoping for a smooth move! Now if only this Brexit business would sort itself out.
  6. Hi there, I'm moving to the UK in early July (Aussie with Italian Passport) with my Wife (British Passport) and we are moving our dog over as well as a shared container of items. A couple questions on the ToR form please. Do both of us need to do the application or just one of of us? If both, do you do one application with both names or a seperate form each? Obviously my wife has the British passport so it would be best for her to do it if only 1 of us needs to be on the form. Also, I know you need to do the form 3 weeks before leaving, but I like to to be organised. Is it too early to do it now for a July move? thanks in advance for any advice you can offer.