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  1. BusbyBoo

    UK HMRC and Mobile Phones

    Hi Marissa, I’ve never had a uk phone as I haven’t lived there since they resembled bricks . So when I set it all up it was the only way I could do it. I downloaded the app with no problems and it still works. If they have changed it since I did it a couple of years ago it still works is all I can say. I open the app click on access code and within 30 seconds have to enter it on website. When I set it up it wouldn’t let me put an Aus tel number in, hence I did the app. Hubby is set up the same. However I have a couple of mates who were able to set up with Aus mobile number and they get code via text. However what I will say is when I set mine up they still accepted an expired passport whereas I don’t think you can use that method now, it has to be valid. Also wanted to add to those interested..... if you were working and paying NI before you left UK you can still apply to top up with the class 2 (I think, anyway the cheaper one) contribution. It takes a while to fill in the forms and get a response but for 160 quid ish a year might be worth it for some. Sadly I have to pay the bigger fee so I’ll need to make sure I live till I’m 70 to get my money back , but hubby pays the lower figure and you can still catch up for 10 years or so. Only the individual can decide if it’s worth it, depending on if you’re gonna get Aussie means tested one.
  2. BusbyBoo

    UK HMRC and Mobile Phones

    On my phone or tablet, but I don’t need a phone number for it. So makes no difference as long as you can connect a device to wifi. As I read it OP is trying to ascertain how to still access HMRC without a UK phone number, it’s another option and I personally would assume OP would still possess a phone that can download an app?.....
  3. BusbyBoo

    UK HMRC and Mobile Phones

    Just thought I’d add another option... I get my access code through the app not mobile phone. Although someone I know uses her Aus mobile number.
  4. BusbyBoo

    wildlife photos - show us what you got

    Oops I screen shot them from live so you get my dogs too
  5. BusbyBoo

    wildlife photos - show us what you got

    Cicada birth, it was a deafening time they were so loud. Images a bit blurred as I had them on live shot.
  6. BusbyBoo

    wildlife photos - show us what you got

    Taken a while ago, we lived in the hills and we’re visited by wildlife daily 🥰
  7. BusbyBoo

    Four cats to Brisbane: am I mad to even consider it?

    CatMoose not sure if you’re coming back to SA, but just a heads up, some councils are now registering cats not just dogs. So you might want to check that out.
  8. BusbyBoo

    House sitting on 870 visa

    Lots of people do this on tourist visas, enables a cheap holiday, there are sites to arrange it. Surely you are still going to be spending in the economy. But I’m no expert so...... However we have used house sitters who claim a means tested pension so would that not also mean that they would need to declare they’re living rent free therefore earning??? Just my thoughts and as I said I’m no migration agent
  9. BusbyBoo


    Just thought I’d add, if you have a NHS dentist in the uk, get your check up, clean and any treatment done BEFORE you migrate. Dentistry is excruciatingly expensive. I once had a recent arrival nearly have a cardiac arrest at the cost when given an estimate and when my Aussie colleague asked him if he was a pensioner he took it as an insult and stormed out. Pensioner means on benefits here and not just old age (he was about 35), she was only trying to tell him he may be able to use the government clinic
  10. BusbyBoo


    The Medicare system is not the NHS, however it is similar in that it provides cost free treatment for you if you need it. But it is not the same. 1. If you see a GP, some will ‘bulk bill’ that means no cost to you they bill Medicare directly. Or you may choose a non bulk billing GP who charge a ‘gap’ so you will pay them say $70 and then Medicare will pay you say $36 back (can’t remember the exact fees). In Australia you can see any GP you can get an appointment with, unlike the UK where you are only allowed to use your own practice. So in effect if you need an appointment today you can shop around. 2. If you need to see a specialist e.g ENT Dr, then usually you go to their private rooms and pay them roughly $170 and get roughly $80 back. (Sometimes they will also bulk bill if you can’t pay for whatever reason). However sometimes you can see a specialist through the hospital (it’s complicated) this is free to you. But you may wait longer. When a specialist decides you need an operation you will be asked if you have private insurance, if you do you can avoid the waiting list. However see my previous post about how that works. 3. it’s also worth understanding that if you are an emergency and you E.g fell and broke you arm, you can go to hospital and be fixed at no cost. 4. If you need blood tests and X-rays, MRI etc (unless you’re in hospital) these are also private clinics, so you’ll get a referral and go and get them. Many will incur a gap (between what Medicare pays and what is charged by practices). But it is much quicker than the UK wait. 4. Allied health such as dental (apart from government dental scheme where you need to be in a low socioeconomic position), physio, podiatrist etc are private and you pay, again unless in hospital. So in reality Medicare is excellent and free if you need it. Private health is also great to avoid waiting lists for operations not classed as emergency, but can attract a further cost to you and you need to do research. Having family struggling to get appointments in the UK and difficulty in even getting a blood test...... give me Medicare any day. Can’t help much on prescriptions as it’s a rare need. It’s different but also great with some great Drs.
  11. BusbyBoo

    Police check after citizenship test?

    It’s been a while since I did citizenship but.... I remember this as my name was the same as someone in NSW who had a record, so the rest of the family passed straight away but I had to wait until my name was cleared. So don’t stress it’s just a routine check. I would love to know what my namesake had done though
  12. BusbyBoo

    Medication prices

    Hi, Thought I’d add some clarity to health insurance. It is cheaper if you get it within a year of arriving, if you’re over 30, after that they charge an extra 2% for every year above 30 (it’s a tax) after 10 years the extra is removed (we had 19% just been removed). You can avoid long waiting lists, but may still have to pay some towards your treatment. This is because... Medicare have set prices for all procedures and they are all coded. You’re surgeon may charge more than this fee. So.... if Medicare say a procedure is e.g. $100. Medicare pay $75, health ins pay $25 and you pay nothing.... but... if you surgeon charges $125 you will need to pay a ‘gap’ $25. So you have to shop around as some surgeons don’t charge above Medicare fees. Hospital, anaesthetist are also charged separately and can vary, buyer beware and check for costs beforehand. You may also have insurance excess to pay depending on policy you choose. if you see a specialist for a consultation or a GP many charge a ‘gap’ and private health doesn’t cover any of it you’ll only get the Medicare schedule fee paid. Dont confuse Hospital cover with extras cover. They are separate. The Medicare Levey Surcharge is only applicable to Hospital cover. Extras cover is for things like dental, physio and optical etc and again what you get back depends on your level of cover, beware it will still be expensive as Medicare do not cover these at all. They are private providers and charge what they like. E.g a dental check up code 011 first visit is approximately $70 and health fund may only pay $15 of that so a ‘gap’of $55 to be paid by you. Some places do ‘preferred provider’ then it may not cost anything to you but be aware, this usually only covers check ups and cleans maybe twice a year, any treatment will almost certainly charge a substantial gap. so.... only you can decide if it’s worth the extra costs. However my own experience is yes. My 25yr son had bowel issues, because of his age etc he was told to have a colonoscopy, public system was an 18 month wait, we had private health so it was done in 2 weeks. He had 10 pre cancerous polyps some over 1cm. 18months doesn’t bear thinking about. Ive had very quick cancer treatment and OH had major surgery which would have been a never never wait. Busby
  13. BusbyBoo

    University Application Process

    Hi, So for Nsw, for my own DD, as an example, applications for most courses start in Aug, although there are mid year second semester intakes, these are not for all courses. Feb intake is the main one. Degrees are in the main 3 year, but, depends on what you want to study. My DD is doing a 4 year OT degree in NSW, in the UK it only takes 3 years, however she has to do 32 weeks of placement at different locations, so effectively 3 years of knowledge and 1 year (student year) gaining experience. There is usually an idea of what a degree will require as an Atar score, (that’s the score given at the end of year 12 based on final exams, higher the required score more competitive the course (I.e popular). For some degrees such as medicine, music and others they may also require an interview. As your son would finish A levels in May with results in Aug (I think) that’s when he should apply, he could then start in the new uni year in Feb. Note that late applications require you pay a fee. So... the reason there are usually 3 rounds of offers is because when you apply you put differs choices down, so depending on those choices and competition you may not get your first choice on the first round of offers (late Dec or early Jan) but could get it in the second or even third if others students don’t accept their offer. I can’t help with converting A levels but another thing to note is that he could come out to the grandparents in say Oct/nov and work a summer job and meet some people and get some money. He will then be ready to start in Feb and as long as you don’t earn too much He’ll be able to claim youth allowance $550 ish a fortnight to live on. He may also need to be able show he’s here to get hecs (domestic student fees paid, to be paid back when he’s working properly through the tax system). Hope that helps Busby
  14. BusbyBoo

    Renting in Sydney

    Hi, son and partner have had no issues renting apartments, they should be fine.