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  1. BusbyBoo

    NSW to open 1st November

    NSW have announced no Quarantine for vaccinated international travellers with a pre flight negative PCR test from 1st November. Unvaccinated will still hotel quarantine but with only 210 places available. Yay Would be a bit cheesed off if you arrived on the 30th October .
  2. BusbyBoo

    Medicare Entitlement Statement

    Feel free to correct me, but it isn’t it normally pre loaded at the ATO theses days?
  3. With the flights through Qantas, even without a flex ticket, which costs considerably more, they are offering free flight changes (of course paying any difference in new booking) or a credit, so not really much differs to a flex ticket. My question about domestic flights after landing could be a real problem. As at the moment flights with Qantas are only going to leave Melbourne or Sydney, (although there could be a connection in Perth,( not looking likely) or Darwin (still in discussion), people from all other states can’t quarantine at home after landing unless they take a domestic flight……… and sharing a flight with international travellers would go down like a lead balloon for the domestic travellers! Mmmm can’t wait to see how this will work. Personally I’m glad I live in NSW for this reason. In particular Queensland or Western Australia will definitely not want international arrivals on a domestic flight, sharing all their potential Covid germs 🦠 and tbh you couldn’t blame them. There’s still a lot of logistics to work out.
  4. I thought I’d add another question… it looks like at present you can book from Sydney (via Singapore) and Melbourne (via Perth Darwin or Singapore when sorted) to UK. However with home quarantine expected, what will happen if you live in another state and require to take a domestic flight to another state? How will quarantine work? I have been brave and I have booked for February.. I decided on Sydney flights, as I’m in NSW I won’t need a domestic connection. So I’m keeping everything crossed. I’d also be interested to know if Australia will be doing booster shots, I’ll be 6 months from 2nd shot and really would be happier if I could get a booster.
  5. BusbyBoo

    Australian and UK Covid Responses

    Just a little update for anyone interested…. My Mum and Dad are still in hospital, they do 14 days after a positive test. But they are recovering and will be going home. I am pretty sure that without a vaccine they wouldn’t have recovered. They are late 80’s with many other health issues. So relieved, this was not the outcome I was expecting. Go Vaccines However as much as I agree with getting a high Vaccine rate, I very much also see the need to get children back in school and business up and running. I most certainly need to travel without the current protocol, and I completely go with the realistic vision that it’s here to stay and at some time I’ll probably get it. Children need to be children and vulnerable and elderly have to be allowed to live a life. My MIL is so terrified she has not set foot out since it began. But what is the point of being alive if you can’t actually live. Mentally, I for one, am drained. When vaccinated rates hit the golden number and everyone has had the opportunity to have it if they so wish, then we have to get on with life. It will then be up to you if you choose to continue isolating yourself like my MIL or take your chances and go and live your life for as long as you have it. As I said in another post, people die ‘Of Covid’ or ‘With Covid’ but who’s counting how may people have or will die ‘Because of Covid’. No government has been perfect in response, but really how could they be.
  6. BusbyBoo

    Australian and UK Covid Responses

    Just thought I’d chime in….. as discussed we can’t avoid this virus, I think UK, USA etc is where we can expect to be in a few months ….. my very elderly parents, UK, both have been vaccinated and they’re now both in hospital with Covid. Mum completely housebound and Dad had only been out once to get band aids and wore a mask. I am so grateful they’re vaccinated. Both had completely stopped eating I guess that’s the taste symptom.
  7. Oops posted before I’d replied . The problem with exemptions is actually also being able to gain the required documentation from health care in UK. I’ve spent hours just trying to get them a Drs appt, (how elderly people make an appt is beyond me, after going through all the call centre process of ‘press 1 to 99 you may eventually get a human, for maybe Dr to phone them) so the chance of me getting supporting evidence is zero. Realistically I need to be able to freely book and travel. Happy to quarantine at home on return and I’m double jabbed. I Won’t bore you with details but surface to say the medical and social system is failing vulnerable people, and Covid has made it even worse everywhere. On a side note they list deaths as either Covid or with Covid, there should be another section called because Covid prevented treatment. Apologies I’m off topic. Back to thread, it’s a gamble but looks as if the Gov has finally realised Aus will have to allow travel, so I think I’m gonna be game and book something very soon and hope.
  8. With WA not wanting to open borders for domestic travel, it certainly will not open up for international, for the foreseeable. So is Qantas going to Darwin? I wish I had a crystal ball . I had been going to book Syd-per-lon for end Feb-Mar but??? For me it’s getting really desperate now 🥺. Things are spiraling out of control and I simply can’t go unless I know I can come back. Tbh I think I will likely be too late at that point anyway. I have never felt so useless and trapped. But as long as people like Ed Sheeran can come over from Uk for a friends funeral and Nicole Kidman can come and go as she pleases and sports people and wags can party and do what they like. How could I possibly complain?? Off to sob my heart out now.
  9. Looking on Qantas you certainly can book, (UK), obviously there will be a risk regarding what is required re quarantine both ends. I guess my original question was assuming that we were allowed out without the need for exemptions to travel. My thoughts were risking it before government says YES you can go, my thinking being as soon as they do, the prices will rocket with demand. I’m pretty darn desperate to go and deal with family stuff, but simply can’t do the exemption and uncertainty of months away. I am sure many are in the same situation………
  10. BusbyBoo

    Buying in Sydney… it seems impossible!

    It’s a big decision, and as Marisa said on a temp visa you’re really going to have to think very hard. Other factors to consider apart from house prices is your kids education, as a temp resident there may be school fees to pay (depends on state not sure about NSW). Then when children leave school to go on to further education you have to pay full fees, and even if you are a permanent resident, although you can get domestic fees rather than international fees you have to pay upfront, rather than get a HECS (government loan payable later when they’re working). So ideally you want citizenship by that time.. which you can’t apply for until 4 years of permanent residency and it can take a year or more to get it. Check they’re offering a fair wage too. As others have said, could you afford London? If the Visa is permanent then go for it, you can move later. I’m originally from Lincs, but we are nomadic including our kids. So for us we’ve always been ok with wherever we lay our hat that’s home. But if all your life has been in lincs village with family all around….. Sydney is London only younger and cleaner, although I love it, as long as I’m only visiting. Good luck and remember if it’s your dream you can make it work whatever the obstacles.
  11. With Qantas saying they hope to open travel to UK, US etc.. in December, what are your thoughts? Are you going to book? Wait it out and see what happens? Don’t care anyway? I am debating booking myself. Taking a risk . Thoughts please
  12. Congratulations to you both. I can’t help re the pregnancy issue for health undertaking, but, my partner also had to do one (and we knew for sure he didn’t have TB). It was a number of years ago, however, from our experience…… we had to make appt at the chest clinic we were told to use, at appt he saw Dr and had yet another chest X-ray and sputum test (he refused sputum test, as there wasn’t anything to cough up, yuk) I think they also did a mantou test ( little forearm test, to test for reaction, although we have been vaccinated so a bit pointless). However, you do get the opportunity to see Dr and discuss your situation, so you will have done what Immigration request and your Dr can then work out the best way forward for you. Interestingly I also had to do the same TB check thing for a job in health at same clinic. I actually refused the X-ray because I had just had radiotherapy to my chest and wasn’t letting them do anymore, wasn’t a problem and didn’t fail me. So do what they ask, tell them when you make appt and go with the flow. Enjoy your pregnancy and peace while it lasts
  13. BusbyBoo

    Have you been "stuck abroad" during the COVID-19 Pandemic?

    Why is it tone deaf? I would assume that the research being conducted has not just been pulled out of thin air. Person/persons conducting the research will most probably be studying their graduate/post graduate etc. and as such are doing a research paper. These are often chosen for reasons of personal interest or contemporary issues, related to area of study. They will already have been working on this research project for some time, so current status in Sydney is irrelevant. It can be quite difficult to find an area of study that is or has not already being explored. Good luck with your research, I hope you find plenty of participants. Shame you don’t seem to have included those of us unable to visit family overseas, but are denied exit as citizens or PRs of Australia. Research creates knowledge
  14. BusbyBoo

    Australian and UK Covid Responses

    NSW only made it mandatory on 12 July. As you are around the Hunter region you come under that Greater region which also includes Central Coast. Your area was probably already a bit more switched on with the system after the Christmas outbreak. I’m just outside ACT in NSW and can assure you I wasn’t telling porkies. However I have to admit there has been a great improvement since my rant. Let’s see what the home opens do on Saturday .