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  1. Brillant fantastic news, so pleased for you xx
  2. Fingers crossed @Scotmeetssyd I will have the letter and ready and everything good to go by Sunday then im going to call them and let them know I have responded with the latest information requested and hope its enough. Please don't let us get postponed any longer. I have attached the weekly excel sheet for review. The dates start on the week Monday so they are not exact to everyone's actual date that would be too hard to amend but it does give a good rough guide. Anyone wanting added just put your dates up. Offshore Partner Visa London (21) (1).xlsx
  3. I have to state country and duration of stay. I sat last night until 3am going through my records again to make sure everything was correct. I had already provided the information when I first started working on my visa application. I also have to provide a doctor's letter for my father in-law which is not a problem but I don't know why they want this as they should have enough information about myself but sure it's another hoop to jump. I'm just so exhausted with the whole process and getting really down about it.
  4. Yes I already completed it. Last RFI wanted my husband's passport which I had already uploaded too among other stuff. I'm really frustrated.
  5. Hey quick update I got another RFI asking for duration of all places visited from 2009 and dates, I actually am at the point that I just want to give up. I am so stressed out and it's just a horrific process to go through. 6 months waiting for another RFI.
  6. @Butterflies1988 well done! So pleased for you xx
  7. Hi @mhcornwall Everything is going great, we arrived in July to stay with family so we didn't rent. We have moved into out new home which is taking a bit of getting used to as we are on acreage and im getting used to geckos, toads and mosquito's lol We sent a container from UK 3 months before we arrived so everything was waiting on us. Brisbane is an amazing place we are so glad to be here but waiting on the visa is hard, we are all very anxious as my father in law is very ill and we are hoping that we hear in the next week or two so everything is permanent. I would go for the 600 visa if i had to do it again as it gives you more security and would have saved me the cost of a trip to Auckland. Good luck im hoping this is the week as there has been movement recently
  8. Thank you @AK2910 its really hard waiting. I have been in Brisbane from mid July and loving it. WE are so glad we made the move and yes the only down side is missing family and friends. I face time my family a lot and my sister is arriving over in a few weeks so im really looking forward to showing her around. I cant wait to hopefully get the visa approved and feel properly settled and also I am looking forward to working again. I had to do a quick trip to New Zealand 2 weeks ago to renew my 3 month visa. Im thinking of applying for the 600 which will give me a year but im holding off for a few weeks as i am hoping we get good news before that. I have updated the chart and will share it on Friday with any other info I see and do it weekly there after. Good luck with your new life in Australia it really is the most amazing country and we are very blessed to be here
  9. I have been keeping up to date roughly with the grant time lines, I used the template used previously. I am happy to keep updating the time for each application and hopefully when mine comes through I can pass it on for the next person to update? I was going insane but this really helped me. As you can see the timelines are much longer than before. If anyone wants added or dated amended (as I say it was a rough chart) just put your dates up. Apologies if I have not added anyone but that is easy to amend Offshore Partner Visa London (21) (1).xlsx
  10. I thought all December were through, fingers crossed for you I'm hoping you hear next.
  11. @Maricota I usually find the grants come at the end of the week, of course I could be wrong. Every day I'm checking but come Thursday Friday it's like you every half our and also checking this forum. Good luck I hope this week brings our golden mails
  12. Fantastic news to the visa grant holders. I'm so happy to see movement again. Fingers crossed for the rest of Jan applicants it's been along wait!
  13. Good luck smileyD im sure its hard waiting while apart. Hoping you hear very soon
  14. Me three, praying Jan applications come through soon this wait is awful. Surely we are bound to hear something soon. Fingers crossed for this week.
  15. I'm not 100 percent but it would definately be a less expensive option and also more security to go for the year visa. It cost me 760 dollars for return flights to New Zealand as apposed to the 600 visa fee. It's just so frustrating, you would think being married to an Australian and the cost/work involved that it would be a little easier or at least get a reply to let us know the RFI was sufficient. It's been 5 months from I sent mine off and I'm panicking I will get another one as I have no idea if it's enough. My father in-law was diagnosed a week after we arrived with inoperable pancreatic cancer, it's causing such heartache for the whole family but especially my father-in-law who just wants us here settled and knows the decision has been made and we won't have to leave him. I can't even sleep I am so stressed, praying we get an update/answer soon.