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  1. Fantastic @Ticklebug74 you must be so relieved it's through. I'm stressing like mad checking my account every day multiple times. Waiting it out at the minute in Brisbane arrived on Wednesday. Good luck everyone! I know we say this every week but hopefully next week will be the big one with a lot getting through
  2. Congratulations @Steppy @roomummy I'm absolutely delighted for you's both. Fantastic news! Hopefully this is it and We see movement soon. Good luck to everyone still waiting
  3. Fingers crossed, we fly out in the morning. Hoping we get a flurry today! Good luck everyone
  4. @Butterflies1988 when you get a RFI the email has the name of the case officer and location office. You can not contact them direct as I tried to but it bounced back. It's so very hard not having answers but this forum is keeping me sane. Hopefully we get some grants tonight!
  5. I think the last grant was almost 5 weeks ago. Long time with no movement
  6. It must be awful Ben but your case is an exception to the trends. A lot of us have taken a gamble with the information we have and based our decisions around that so it's a very anxious time for us all. I hope you get news soon and you are starting your new life in OZ. If anyone deserves it after this wait you do.
  7. It's so quiet at the minute I swear tumble weeds are passing! Not sure what the hold up is as it's been a while from the last grant. We leave next week on the 15th for dublin then fly out on the 16th to Brisbane. Hoping to see movement soon in a full flurry. I really hope you's get word and can go together @Steppy, everything crossed!
  8. That's it, still no visa but I couldn't take the silence any longer the champagne was opened tonight lol This stress is putting inches in my waistline too Just a little hello to everyone like myself and who is going crazy with the process, you are not alone.
  9. I have been thinking of you @Emz82 it's been a long wait. I'm hopping you get news soon. There is no structure to the grants but by law of averages you are bound to here soon. I'm keeping everything crossed for you. @roomummy hang in there, you were the voice of reason to me. I'm hoping you go straight to grant. Can't wait for the day we are posting good news. Hang tight we are getting closer
  10. Good luck @KFR hopefully any day now
  11. I really hope tomorrow and this first week will be a good one and we get a flurry of grants! Good luck everyone
  12. Hopefully we will hear soon our dates are the same - @Butterflies1988 every day is a day closer, going by trends I'm hoping the next week or two if we are lucky
  13. Thanks @roomummy I am keeping my fingers crossed for you! its heartbreaking having to make such massive decisions but what a day it will be when you get the golden email and you have the start of a new life ahead. We are a week apart so hopefully it wont be long and its maybe better hearing nothing and going straight to grant... Hopefully not long for for you too @SmileyD I was thinking that the new visa stipulation for sponsors might be holding things up a bit as it takes affect in July (not that I'm an expert) there is bound to be additional training requirements for staff or maybe or there will be a big push in the next few weeks to get all the older applications through ready for the change? Either way I'm second guessing everything but very hopefully it wont be long now, think a little gin is required tonight for my nervous
  14. I totally agree, I'm almost as obsessed with checking this forum as my immi account. It gives such hope as the more visas granted the closer we all get to our own. I had a RFI coming up 5 weeks ago. A few others are on the same timeline so patiently waiting. I am heading over in 3 weeks so hoping for a miracle but fully prepared if not. I have a 3 month visa running from the end of last year I'm going to enter meaning I have to leave after 3 months but I have multiple entries.
  15. Fantastic news @Mustelalutreola !!! Its brilliant to see more grants coming through