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  1. Dartmoorqueen

    Duel citizen passport confusion

    I’m so sorry I was confused iv not travelled much? I just wanted to be sure. And I am pretty sure I’m allowed to have an opinion on if I like the heat or not. Also I’d like to point out on that other post I was specificilly talking about Queensland Sydney’s weather was lovely I said I wasn’t trying to offend any one honestly don’t know why I started this account everyone is being so rude about my opinion I wasn’t trying to hurt anyone’s feelings.
  2. Dartmoorqueen

    Thins to do in Queensland

    I’m not trying to diss the country if any one feels that way I just think I had a different kinda place in mind. I know people say you should check out a country before you move but i took a leap and tbh wouldn’t of been able to afford to visit first I’m only 20. We have tried the beach yes but it’s just so hot in Queensland and the beaches are like 2 hours away. When we have the time we love to visit Byron because it’s our favourite even if it is ages away. I’d love to do the Great Barrier Reef but it’s pretty far away and Expensive but it’s on my list. I do know how big Australia is I just didn’t know that I’d have to drive to my closest shop which is pretty irritating since I don’t drive. And no I’m England I’d go into town but you don’t have that here and the city takes a very long time to get to.
  3. Dartmoorqueen

    Thins to do in Queensland

  4. Dartmoorqueen

    Thins to do in Queensland

    Well back in the uk we would go for walks in the country side but it’s far to hot to do that here plus my boyfriend is terrified of snakes and normal everyday stuff in England involves going outside and not dying from heat stroke. We have tried to do everyday normal stuff but since there are no towns in this state it’s just walking around shopping malls. And I mean getting every where is expensive. As in petrol everything is too spaced out.
  5. Dartmoorqueen

    Thins to do in Queensland

    So me and my boyfriend moved to Queensland from the uk about a year ago maybe less. It’s probably just because we chose Queensland and not nsw or vic but we are very excited to get back to the uk after how disappointing it has been here. We were so excited to visit this country that is spoken about like it’s so wonderful but we Just seen to have no liked it. We visisted Sydney and Byron bay we have seen Australia zoo and lone pine, visited Brisbane city and all the Gold Coast theme parks and my favourite eat street. But unfortunately they all cost a great deal of money and take a very long time to get to. Is there anywhere else people would suggest going before we move back preferably on the cheaper side of things. Thanks
  6. Dartmoorqueen

    Duel citizen passport confusion

    Thank you that’s very helpful and comforting! We will definitely look into it! The husband part made me laugh I’m only 20. Glad I come across so mature! Anyway thank you so much for you help I couldn’t find out anything online and I’m very anxious when I fly!
  7. Dartmoorqueen

    Duel citizen passport confusion

    So me and my partner have decided to move back to England as we aren’t enjoying to much out here and it’s basically just not for us. He has come out on a permanent residency visa so he just needs to use his English passport but I’m slightly confused as how I’m to go about it. Im not sure which passport to book my ticket with, which passport to show at different times and I wanted to know if anyone has had any trouble travelling with two passports and what I should excpect because if heard it’s pretty stressful. Thank you in advance :)