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  1. Ellie87

    Visitor Visa 600 Help

    Hopefully not too much longer for you. It is so stressful I haven't seen my partner since Sept 19. May I ask if the reason sent to VACCU was a recent or serious offence? I am unable to personally msg you and completely understand if you don't want to answer on here Just looking for hope.
  2. Ellie87

    VACCU timeframe for 600 VISA

    Hi just wanting to ask if anyone has had any luck getting a 600 through VACCU recently? I cannot find much online when it comes to VACCU. Case was sent there early April 2020. Medical completed as soon as the clinics in London opened early June. I guess with Covid doom and gloom I'm just after some sort of glimmer of hope that these are still being processed for tourist visa's. Any tips or time frames would be hugely appreciated. I feel like we are up against a brick wall some days, being apart since September last year Thanks for your time.
  3. Ellie87

    Visitor Visa 600 Help

    Hi SmileyD that is fantastic news for you that it has been approved through VACCU! I was just wondering if you had applied for a visitor Visa 600 before applying for the 300 and had dealings with VACCU? thanks