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    VISA 186 TRT

    Hi!!!!! We just want to share our story. August 2015 I've started working for my boss here in NSW as Architectural Draftperson on 457 VISA. then my family came December 2015. September 2017 they've lodged 186 Visa, February 2018 Nomination was approved and medical exams was done. But my visa was put on for "Further Assessment" as I do have health issue. We heard nothing from them until - June 2019 a healthy waiver was requested and submitted after 28 days with the help of a RMA. Me and my family was so stress upon processing and preparing documents for the waiver, Contacted numerous Doctors and asking help with the community special friends and family and also a friend who is in Netherlands, She had help us so much! those 28 days was the worst days of our life(28 days Later?-Movie). After submitting the waiver we still have to wait for the medical report from my specialist(3rd specialist- we never gave up) which was to follow up with the other documents. and finally we manage to get a positive report in favour of me and 100% against what the immigration is saying. We submitted the medical report 3rd of June. by the way our local GP was also helping us in a lot of ways as she disagrees with what the immigration has decided.(272k cost of my health care!!) 24th of June I've logged in to my immi account and found out that my Health Assessment was change and says "Health Clearance Provided", so I've ask the agent what was that, probably something happened in the process it may be good or bad. That time I had a feeling that something good is going to happen but not a 100% tough. so I tried to ask the agent to follow up with the CO via email. 1st of August 9:00am I've called the agent as we only have 7 more days to go before our medical exams expired, But unfortunately I wasn't able to speak to her, Message left. 9:30 AM I got a call from the agent saying that we don't need to follow up as the visa was granted!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We are so happy!! !!!!!! Thanks to god we manage to surpass all the stress.. . To all applying for permanent residency please make sure your 100% healthy before applying or otherwise you will go thru a lot! Thanks to this forum as well as the forum help me in a lot of ways..... Ward Regards,
  2. carLd

    Skillselect ENS 186 Timeline

    12 months and counting after 29 Jan 2018 nomination approval. nothing heard on visa yet. same occupation!!
  3. carLd

    Skillselect ENS 186 Timeline

    Unfortunately yes I have been waiting for our visa for 14 months now since lodged. I don’t have health clearance yet looking at my immi account.
  4. carLd

    Skillselect ENS 186 Timeline

    Hi there! I have been reading posts and comments on this thread for a while, I want to share our on going journey with 457 to 186 TRT. Occupation: Architectural Draftsperson State: NSW Country Origin: Philippines No. of Applicants: 1 Main 2 Dependents Stream: 457 to 186 TRT Visa and Nomination lodged with Agent(Mara): 21 September 2017 Nomination Approved: 29 January 2018 Visa Status: Further Assessment health Assessment: Wait for further advice from the department We hope and pray for a positive outcome, Trying to be positive at all times!