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    Moving a business to Canberra?

    Hi everyone, thanks for the responses. I'm really just waiting on news on our visas to see if there are employment restrictions before expressing an interest in writing to get a business visa. In case anyone else is interested in this, I've attached the relevant bit from https://www.business.gov.au/planning/new-businesses/coming-from-oveseas Thanks for the info on schools; we know what we'll be getting in terms of that so we're happy :)
  2. Angharad

    Moving a business to Canberra?

    Hi everyone! We just found out we’ll be moving to Canberra on a 2-3 year secondment with my husband’s job. I have 2 businesses (Personal and Business Coaching and a sewing business for quilts, cushions and eco face pads). Whilst we will talk to the Embassy to find out everything about if it is possible to move the businesses and work them from Canberra, I wondered if anyone here had any experience or thoughts on this? I’m sure I’ll be about a lot asking questions on neighbourhoods and schools for our 6 year old and all sorts of stuff I can’t get my head round yet!