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  1. Sorry to hear your having such a time of it!!! Crazy how they work, we went through it all because of something my husband done back in 2001. Don't give up hope, fingers crossed some good news for you soon
  2. If you have declared them then they will I'll into them and may ask for further information that's what they asked us for so had to apply to Acro for information, my husband was disorderly behaviour (pub fight) only got a fine and he is Australian so wouldn't of stoped him going back if they rejected my application but he was my sponsor and they look into them more now aswell. Not sure what previous visas your husband used, I applied for permanent.
  3. It is a nightmare guys, thinking of you all tho it took us a year applied 22nd March 18 got my email 25th March this year, we did have a problem with my husband's police check tho, word of advice disclose everything even if you think doesn't matter anymore!! Good luck every one
  4. No news from us yet!! ☹ Well done to everyone who have got their golden email this week, seems like it's moving again just not in our direction
  5. Here's hoping we see the word "grant" on lots of people's line!!
  6. You didn't offend anyone just think people are frustrated at the slowness of it all. Thry have shut the Madrid office which means all applicants go through the London office with limited staff so I've been told. Apprantely it was 7 - 9 months lead time now it's gone to up to 19 months! If only coming to England was as difficult hey
  7. I know the feeling it's a absolute nightmare, we can't plan anything applied last March requested futher info a couple of time. When did you apply? Doesn't seem to be much movement with grant at the mo Fingers crossed it won't be long till you get the email
  8. Your not kidding, we are still sitting right at the top Kung Fu Koala
  9. True believe us, it's so slow at the moment apprantely everything has slowed down due to the Madrid office shutting it's gone to the London office only....time will tell i guess
  10. Nicci

    Our dog Dottie

    Thank you so much for all your help and advice Bob i really appreciate it, it's a mind field as it is let alone the stress and worry that goes with it. I will contact Petair and start the ball rolling, Fingers crossed won't be long till I hear regarding my visa
  11. This certainly cjeered me up amd made me smile....oh what a wait!! I'm the partner of Kung -Fu-Koala and feels loke forever since we applied, chasing agent still no further forward ☹
  12. Nicci

    Our dog Dottie

    Thank you for coming back to me and understanding it's such a nerve racking time for Dottie and us. Finding a good company to transport my precious Dottie is extremely important to me. We are very lucky that our dog since being diagnosed with eplisey (I'm not sure they are certain as didn't do the usual fitting/paddling of eplisey) but decided to try her on epiphen three quarters tablet twice a day seems to have stopped anything and regularly bloods show all is well. Is it best to wait till we get our visa before contacting your company or should i start that now? Dottie has her passport, had her rabies injection last year and bloods to check all ok so I'm not sure where i should go from here, any help greatly appreciated. Thank you for you time. Kind regards Nicci
  13. Well done you! I hope you don't mind me asking you a few questions as we are on exactly the same boat just waiting for that golden email now and will be leaving my 23 years son here, who i hope will follow. Our dog will be coming with us, who are you using to transport your special cargo to their new life? I'm so worried about this and o think as up to date with everything I need for her without actually knowing the date we leave so some tests/check are time sensitive. Hope you didn't mind me asking just feeling overwhelmed by moving to the other side of the world so want to make sure I'm as prepared as i can be beforehand. Kind regards Nicci
  14. This is my 1st post, we are waiting for my visa to come through and hope to be moving in April my main concern is out 5 year old patterdale who is a very nervous worries lottle gilr who suffers with eplisey which is under control completely. I am so worried about the journey for her I've started her checks had the rabies injection got her passport etc, just looking for a good company who will look after her and reassure me it will all be ok. It's not a option to leave her behind she family and know she will love it bit I'm losing so much sleep worrying about the flight and quarantine for her. Any advice greatly recieved. Many thanks