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  1. Elaine Davis

    Lainie in Melbs

    Thanks and yes we have thought about this option too. Looking at fully withdrawing Super at 62+63 and not taking as salary option. Will be drawing down income from cash + super+ sale of principal residence. Got the big 5 years plan happening just looks for ways of minimising tax implications and not a fan of Financial Advisors who mainly have their own agendas.
  2. Elaine Davis

    Lainie in Melbs

    Moneycorp looks like a good option to go judging by their reviews, with funds appearing safe for short time until UK bank account is set up. Re Super we plan on withdrawing lump sum whilst still in Oz at 62+63. My understanding is this practice can be done as long as Superannuation Co has received written confirmation that member has fully retired and reading that this is also tax free according to Suoerguide.com.au unless I’m missing a few points. We’re reluctant to further sal sacrifice towards Aussie Super given the global uncertainty with markets and prefer saving cash even though 2.8% is about the best interest rate here but at least funds are not going backwards. Thanks again
  3. Elaine Davis

    Lainie in Melbs

    Thanks Marisa ! This is very helpful and we thought that was the case. Our plan is to retire to Scotland our homeland in 5 years at 62 & 63. We are looking to buy a property there and sit on it until we sell up and return. We both have 11years NI contributions so don’t see ourselves getting much pension and will be self funded retirees. Hence the requirement for a bank account for transactions etc
  4. Elaine Davis

    Lainie in Melbs

    Hi Everyone, seeking advice on how we can start upma UK bank account whilst living in Melbourne. Our plan is to retire back in Scotland in 5 years. Any advice on anyone who’s successfully done this whilst living in Oz would be appreciated.