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    Starting Out in Sydney?

    Thank you so much for your reply! Your experience is quite similar to what I had discovered, We do track his peak flow so would be able to see changes easily, it is reassuring to know that the specialists are good as here in the UK they can be very hit and miss. I will look at the websites you have suggested and see how much we would have to stretch the budget for something coastal. I'd love to make this opportunity work if we can as I know it is something my hubby would love to do but, I just want to make sure with the high costs of living we aren't compromising on everything and especially the kids can have a good quality of life.
  2. lillmissb

    Starting Out in Sydney?

    Hi Everyone I have been lurking around the forum over the last couple of weeks and thought I would reach out and say Hi to see if anyone can direct me to the information I've not stumbled upon yet! My hubby applied for a work secondment to Sydney (without telling me -as you do!) and has been offered a position, from what I understand so far they are offering him a 482 visa with us on dependants visas that would mean we have unrestricted work and education for me and our children (10 + 13 school years primary 5 and secondary ). I have found a lot of information on the schooling which is a mine field in itself given that we would be supposed to be heading back to the UK when our son was starting in year 11 One thing I haven't so far made sense of is if we would be eligible for school fees from what I can see and have assumed is that we would - if anyone could confirm that would be great! The other thing I keep coming up with mixed opinions on is the cost of living in Sydney itself we have estimated to live within an hour commute to CBD (for hubby) if we estimate around $700 a week for somewhere while not easy it may be a doable figure? Another concern for now although I have a million in my head is health care and health of my little one, perhaps naively I have always assumed in Oz the air would be fresher than in the UK my little one has allergy induced asthma his allergens are dust mite and tree pollen. From what I can see we would buy medications as they would not be covered on any health insurance policies we take out, although I have to confess i'm still researching how healthcare works over there. Thank you if you have read my somewhat disjointed and thought dump post, any advice, posts worth reading for info, or general reassurance that its an opportunity worth taking would be welcome. This site is amazing and has been all i have read for days although I think i'm scrambling info in my head now there is so much to learn xx