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  1. I have to say, I agree with you there!! The whole model of maternity care in the UK is centred around continuity of carer with the midwife being the coordinator of womens care - even high risk women. I don't think there are better trained midwives anywhere in the world, other than possibly NZ!!
  2. They say that UK midwives lack the continuity of care aspect from their training and therefore require a period (I think of 12 months or until the paperwork/ experience is comlpeted) of supervised practice. I did have continuity of care experience as part of my training but my transcript doesn't specify this I'm hoping a copy of my program syllabus is enough to convince them. I've also had great continuity experience since qualifying but I'm not sure they take this into account?? I won't know the situation until I apply for registration which is the most frustrating part for me lol
  3. Yes, it's definitely something to consider in full detail and not just in a whim! But as @Amber Snowball mentions below, it's more the conditions that AHPRA may place on my practice (as they seem to be placing on most UK midwives). It appears to be putting off hospitals from employing us as the paperwork is too much hastle I am considering completing some management masters modules as a backup in case I struggle to find a willing employer in midwifery. I have lots of transferable skills and the extra modules should ensure I can get a job on a comparable salary. They'll also help with my midwifery career in the future so it's a win win I guess.
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    Thank you! the weather is a big plus for us
  5. Brilliant, thank you both!
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    Thank you, this is really helpful!
  7. Hello I am looking into applying for PR with the independant skilled migrant visa. I have enough points and I know my profession (midwifery) is on the skills shortage list at present. My concern is that I keep hearing it is hard to get a job as a UK trained midwife at the moment in view of the conditions AHPRA place on the majority of UK midwives - I know I have completed the required training with continuity however it is not on my transcript and so I may struggle to prove it (I am currently waiting for my uni to get back to me about this). So, down to my question... If we make the move and I struggle to get a job as a midwife, can I change my career and work in another profession or am I bound to midwifery for a certain length of time as this will be the skill I am entering the country on? The reason I ask is because I do not want to make the move and discover I can't get work after all and then we'll be up the creek without a paddle! TIA
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    midwife APHRA registration with supervision attach

    Do you think they would take post registration experience into account when assessing you for registration? Working in a community setting, you get this experience threefold!
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    Hi tracybalis Your experience so far sounds awful I'm so sorry to hear you've been through all of this. It is very helpful to know what kind of culture you may be getting in to before you've decided to make the move! I did used to be quite the fierce protector of birth but sadly the system here has beaten it out of me so I'm sure I could just get on with the job if my lifestyle was better than it is at present it's quite sad reading that back to myself! Have you gone over on a PR visa or is it a temp one? Do they have midwifery group practices or independant midwifery in Australia? How long do you have to work as a midwife before you can consider changing careers? I do hope things improve for you soon. Take care of yourself xx
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    Which locality are you in, if you don't mind me asking? Also, does the midwife still hold the same role working within the hospitals as uk midwives ie full autonomy in low risk care and referring to obstetricians when appropriate or is it more of an obstetric nurse role and you have to just do what the doctor says? In your hospital, what are shift patterns like? How many nights would you normally work per month? And doors the advertised salary include extra pay for shift work or do you get that as an extra allowance depending on what shifts you have worked? X
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    Hello and thank you for all the information! I qualified in 2014 but I have just liked at my transcript and it isn't actually on there despite it being an integral part of the course I'm going to call the uni later this morning and find out why and if there is anything else they can provide. I'll keep you posted re my skills assessment but it's probably going to be later this year before we apply. I do find it very confusing with midwifery in Australia. The high expectations of midwives to provide continuity of care and the exceptional quality of research that is produced by Aus and is used globally suggests a very good Midwifery led model of care. But reading blogs and speaking to those working as midwives in Aus you realise it's the exact opposite it is slightly disheartening but, to be honest, it's how the UK is going now Would you mind if I send you any messages if any questions pop up?
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    Thank you I'm sorry to hear of what you've been through but I'm so glad you're on the mend! You have to do what is right for your own personal situation, which it sounds like you are. X
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    Thank you that's fantastic! I'll head over and search for the thread now. Haha yes times have changed a lot! But it's probably for the best for the country in the long run thank you
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    Yes, I think it usually does come with the need for supervision because of a lack in experience with caseloading. I am hopeful that I'll be ok though as caseloading was a formal part of my degree and, although I don't work in a caseloading model, due to the small nature of the unit I work in I have had the opportunity to follow women through from the antenatal period, labour and delivery and also postnatally. Well have to see what comes bank from the skills assessment. I've just read the thread comparing the IELTS and PTE and was thinking I'd go with the PTE. I did also look at the Cambridge test but haven't heard much about that one. Have you done the English test? Which one would you recommend?
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    Yes. I do fully appreciate what you are saying. I am not a naive and uneducated person. I am not asking for ways in which to convince my husband to go along with what I want. He needs to make this decision for himself and be 100% happy with it. And if he's not happy with it then we don't go. Also, before going anywhere we'd have contingency plans in place and access to savings. I am on this forum to gather information about a possible move down under and for support from fellow immigrants, not to be berated for calling the desire to relocate 'my dream'. What I was saying in my reply above was that my dream isn't just a whim, it is an adventure filled with risks, stress, uncertainty, potential unhappiness etc, I accept that fully and completely understand my husband's thought process. I do appreciate messages of concern, but I feel there is no need to keep going on about it when that is not what I am asking for help with.