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  1. Fez

    Skills assessment

    Thanks Jsmull87
  2. Hey guys, May be a bit of a silly question but just want to double check. When filling out the skills assessment form for AITSL as required for teachers, would the “duration of supervised teaching practice” (picture below) be the 120 days I carried out during my PGCE as apposed to the 10 months or so that the course took in total. Just want to make double sure that I’m filling everything in correct. If anyone has filled the form in and has any advice it would be greatly appreciated. thanks
  3. Fez

    189 vs 190

    Yes from what I’ve seen 65 now is the minimum for my particular profession so any extra points would help. I just wasn’t sure if there was a catch, like NSW Gov dictate where you live in NSW and where you work, have you heard of such things? @Jsmull87
  4. Fez

    189 vs 190

    Hey @Jsmull87 thank you so much for such a quick response. So as a break down I have: 30 points - age (25yo) 15 points - education 3 years Biochemistry and 1 year PGDE science (secondary) 20 points - 79% PTE exam so 65 for 189 but 70 for 190 with SS i have just finished a 2 year WHV and spent most time in NSW so would be happy to stay there again. Would you recommend 190 then in terms of processing time just don’t want to be waiting years for it to come through lol? i have contacted my course leader at university asking for a letter stating the requimenrs listed on the AITSL application form but just waiting to hear back. thanks again for your response
  5. Fez

    189 vs 190

    Hi guys, brand new to this site so still finding my way around so hope I’ve done this correct. A friend and I have just finished our PGDE in England in science and maths and are wondering whether it would be best to go through the 189 or 190 route? I’ve research a little bit into this and was wondering if anyone could clarify why you receive an extra 5 points(taking us to 70) for doing the 190 and is there a catch (I.e. have to work in really regional areas?). Has anyone had much luck with either route and any experience with the process would be really helpful. Also if anyone has has any advice on the AITSL evidence document you have to provide which needs to contain the number of days supervised teacher etc etc that would be really appreciated. thanks in advance guys