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  1. Hi, I hold a 457 visa and I am no longer working with my employer. I understand that I have 60 days from last day of employment to do 1 of the following action: 1. Find another sponsor 2. Get another substantive visa 3. Leave Australia However, my whole family is visiting me on the 61st day in Melbourne so I really hope I can stay 2 more weeks after the 60 days! Question: Can I leave Australia now, apply ETA from outside Australia (eg New Zealand) and come back to Australia under ETA after the 60 days from last day of employment? Thank you. Regards, Tzen
  2. Thanks for your reply, my 457 expires in the year 2022, Question 1: does that mean I cannot work until I get the 190 visa grant? Question 2: after 60 days of my last employment, will the 457 visa be cancelled? Question 3: can I continue to stay in Australia after 60 days of last employment? Given that Bridging Visa A is not active. Thank you! Regards, Tzen
  3. Hi, I am holding a 457 visa and my employer terminated me. They have informed the Department about my last day of employment but did not request for cancellation as I was hoping to find next sponsorship. Subsequently, I lodged a 190 PR application within 60 days of last day of employment and I am granted a Bridging Visa A but NOT ACTIVE. This is because my 457 visa is still valid. Question 1: If I cancel my 457 visa, then the Bridging Visa A will be activated, is that right? Question 2: How do I cancel my 457 visa? Must I leave the country in order to do that? Thank you! Regards, Tzen