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  1. Nano88

    801 visa

    Hi, I need a little help here please, so I’ve been on visa 820 and done my 2 years and they sent an email for me to apply for 801. We’ve used an agent for whole process and they charged us $3500, now they want another $1000 to apply for visa 801 as they saying they need to do everything all over again as its a new application. Does it sounds right just wanted to make sure we are not paying too much. And if I decided to do it myself, how hard its going to be as everything has been done by them I don't have the information or access to immi account ? thanks in advance for any help!
  2. Hi, I really need help here as I don't know what to do, After I got my PMV300, I am planning to move to Australia in May to get married and my brother was supposed to go with me for a week to attend the wedding, I bought the tickets and then applied for his visa thinking that he holds a USA passport and its not gonna be a problem, I applied for ETA but this was the results (You do NOT currently have an ETA to travel to Australia. When the application with this data was originally submitted, the system was not able to evaluate and approve it. Please contact the nearest Australia visa office. A list of these offices is available by clicking on the Contact Us link at the bottom of this page). So my brother called them and the lady answered advised him that he should apply for E-visa 651 even though the USA is not listed as eligible country and so she took his information and said that she applied for him and he got no problem but she cannot grant him a visa he must get the answer from Australia, she did not give a reference number nor he got any email from their side, and in addition to that on the phone call she kept putting him on hold and we got a bill for $100 because the phone number was Australian while the visa is free!! So now I'm lost, should we just keep waiting or apply again or call them and lose another $100 for nothing, please advise how the US citizens usually get their visas
  3. Hi all, I am happy to say that finally got the PMV visa, below is my timeline for those who going to ask: Applied: May 02 2018 from USA Med: requested the next day and submitted May 12 FBI Check submitted Feb 2 without them asking for it RFI request Feb 9: State clearance from me and police check from my fiancé, statutory declaration for both of us and a new marriage date a ours passed on Dec 15, new date provided Apr 13 as advised by our agent. Visa granted: March 22, it took 10 months and 22 days Now here's my questions, I probably have 1 month or a little bit more to move to Australia and get married and I want to be fully prepared for what's next so any help would be much appreciated: - Is there any documents I have to take with me from USA and its required for the next stage? - I had an agent when applied for 300 but now I'm thinking to apply myself without using an agent is it going to be easy or you advice to keep the agent? - Is there anything required prior to my marriage or I jut go there and we get married - what do I need to prepare and what are the requirement for the 820/801 visa after the 300? - we are planning to go on a honeymoon after we get married is that possible or do we need to apply for the visa first and then travel? - will I have health insurance after I move to Australia? Excuse my too many questions and thank you in advance for your help
  4. Hi, I have a question to those who applying from USA, yesterday I got an email requesting more info which is state clearance and STATUTORY DECLARATION, this is supposed to be wittnessed and signed by who? A notary public? Please advise also do you know if that means they are ready grant the visa after submitting those info? Thank you!
  5. Nano88

    Canceling PMV 300

    Thank you for your reply, so I should just keep my PMV and wait for I don't know how long
  6. Nano88

    Canceling PMV 300

    Hi, I have a PMV 300 in process, applied on May 2, 2018 from USA, Its been 8 months with no word from department, I don't even know if we have a CO or not, i know there are a lot of people waited more than this but we just cant deal with any more we been waiting to be together since 8 years already with no luck, now Since I have a tourist visa for 3 months with no condition of no further stay on it, I am thinking to withdraw my PMV application, go to Australia, get married and then apply for 801/820 visa, what are the consequences if any? Will I be able to leave and return to Australia freely with BVB, will I have Medicare? considering that we have a great relationship and willing to make a family, is there a chance of refusal? Any information you help me with would be greatly appreciated. Thank you