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  1. Hi Guys, Doing some budgeting for the overall 309/100 partner visa costs. I've seen some discussion on biometrics, started to look into it and found information here. In the opening paragraph it says: "You will need to provide your biometrics at an Australian Visa Application Centre (AVAC) or an Australian Biometrics Collection Centre (ABCC) if you apply: for a visa that is part of the biometrics program Applicable to me - applying for 309/100 visa from a country that is part of our biometrics program" Not applicable to me- applying from the UK Is this an "AND" relationship between the two bullet points, or an "OR"? If it's an "OR", trying to find out how much the biometrics collection costs in the UK. Does anyone have any experience? Thanks for your help.
  2. Thanks guys, Also for anyone studying the health exam topic, I found information clarifying the *basic* health checks that must be completed for the partner 309/100 visa, link here. In short, permanent & provisional applicants need to get a health assessment covering: 1) medical exam, 2) chest x-ray, 3) HIV test. At the time of writing, this would cost you ~£330 in the UK, and $371 AUD in Aus.
  3. Thanks for the quick response Paulhand, 4. The 4 months is purely based on our circumstances - it is the time difference between when we would be submitting our application vs when we would have the opportunity in Australia to do the medical. I understand many applicants are getting the medical done before being prompted by the case officer - so if we haven’t heard from the case officer by the time we’re in Aus on holidays, I am considering getting the medical done while we’re out there.
  4. Hi Guys, Just started looking into the Health Examination element of the 309 partner visa application to prepare our overall budget! According to this website, there are a very limited number of locations in the UK where you can get a recognised medical from a "panel physician". I've phoned the places we could consider going to, and the costs quoted for the medicals are around £270 for the temporary full medical, or £330 for the permanent full medical. Then I've looked on the medmigration website and they list a "medical exam only" option for £175. So my questions are: Which medical is sufficient? I don't know if this answer varies based on the content of your application, or if it's standard based on the visa... also I wasn't sure if the 309 visa, given it's a stepping stone to the 100 visa, is considered temporary and you only therefore need the temporary medical...? We should meet the criteria to get upgraded immediately from the 309 to the 100 visa (married for 7 years, baby to be born any minute now!) - did anyone have to get a 2nd medical, or just the one was sufficient? Did any of you get your medical done in Australia (or otherwise overseas)? Or do you HAVE to get it done in the UK? We're going to be in Aus over xmas, and the fees there are significantly cheaper (done by a health provider called Bupa, fees listed here) - $232 AUD for the plain medical only. Assuming we can do it in Aus, then I'm thinking about uploading this to the application and the timing. We'll have submitted our initial application by mid-end Sep, and we would be doing the medical about 4 months later. Let's say, but some stroke of luck, we get a case officer coming back asking us to get the health check done at the 2-3 month mark. When the case officer asks you to submit your health check, do you need to complete this action within a certain time period e.g. would waiting 1-2 months to submit it cause any issues (besides the obvious fact that I've self inflicted a delay in the process)? Thanks for your help.
  5. Indeed you're right! Another £516 for a returning resident visa after being out of the country for 2 years! They're like leeches!
  6. Re: express service: it was a long shot but worth a try! Re: British citizenship: toying with the idea... from my investigation to date (and considering the current Brexit climate), I've only found one benefit of becoming a citizen, which is avoiding tax issues upon the death of my husband or I. Now that the UK government has agreed to allow Australians border entry via the e-passport gate in the future, there's no draw card anymore for the passport for me! I haven't studied the whole ILR vs citizenship piece extensively however, so i'd be interested on hearing about any other key factors i've missed...
  7. Hi LottyC (and rest of forum!), Really useful discussion - thank you! There was a question raised which I *think* went unanswered, hoping someone might be able to cover it off: After your 309 application is approved, is there a certain time window by which you much enter the country in order to "activate" it. And if you don't meet this, the visa becomes invalid? We're just thinking of the scenario whereby where our plans to move to Aus get delayed due to other work/life commitments, and we can't actually make the move to Aus until many months (or even a year or two) after the visa is approved. I know coming to the UK on a visa, I had to enter within a 3 month period of approval... Cheers Sam
  8. Hi Guys, Is it possible to pay for an express service to accelerate your visa application? My British husband will be applying via to 309/100 partner visa route (already married for 6 years). I ask because when I applied for my UK Indefinite Leave to Remain as a spouse of a British citizen, you could pay an extra £660 to do a service which got it done in a week. I was really hoping to find something equivalent for Oz! So far not finding anything ... Cheers Sam