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  1. Thanks hun I've just looked and saw that its costs for tbe 600 is there a reason you chose this one over the evisitor 651? Sorry for all the questions I think we are gonna try this asap
  2. Congrats!!!! Can I ask which sub class 600 you applied for?? In the exemption and the 600 did mention in there that you were waiting for the 309/100 to be approved?? This waiting is so stressful as my uk visa runs out on december lol
  3. We are in the exact same position... we submitted our RFI on the 20th March and havent heard anything back yet:( my UK visa runs out in the 5th December so we are really hoping my wifes Visa comes through soon.. I feel your worry hun x
  4. Hi So happy to hear the Visas are still being processed... we had RFI in march submitted on the 20ty March and still havent heard a thing... Just a quick question you mentioned that you emailed Immi... what email do you have? I cant seem to find anything?
  5. Hi All, I'm stressing out a little haha So we have finally heard about our 309/100 Visa and they have asked for some.more info before they grant PR which is fine.. But one question they have asked which is a bit tricky is in relation to my wife's Birth Name.. (uk) on her birth certificate is different to her passport.. Way back when her mum changed her first name from Kathryn to Katie for her passport and since then all of her official documents are Katie. They are asking for deed poll docs but her mum didn't do it through Deed Poll as it wasnt needed back then. Her mum is just writing a statement stating this.. I'm hoping this is enough. Does anyone have any experience with this? Thanks ❤
  6. Hi Marisa!! Yeah we have thought about Newcastle and when we visited last year did a drive through of it but it felt a bit too 'industrial'.. My wife is a musician so finding a place with a good music scene is also really important.. Are you in Newcastle? :)
  7. Thanks for your reply:) Yeah I don't know if my wife will survive brisy heat especially being a brit hehe but as much as I love Sydney ita just so expensive!!! Good luck on tour move
  8. Hi All!!! My wife and I lodged our 309/100 visa from the uk last year.. August 2019 and havent hear ANYTHING yet... I am aussie and submitted my sponsor application but on the Immi account it still says submitted where as my wife's (main applicant) says recieved.. has anyone else seen this with theirs??? Has anyone from August time last year heard anything yet or even approved? Xx Btw... I am born and bread from Sydney.. but after living in the UK for 4 years we are keen to possibly try Melbourne or Brisbane.. where has/is everyone moving too in Oz? Lauren xx
  9. Lauren L

    309 visa - with baby

    It sux doesn’t it!! Lol we just can’t wait for the 5 years to get indefinite leave to remain so I can get naturalised then move back to OZ - miss the lifestyle and money !!
  10. Lauren L

    309 visa - with baby

    I first came here on a working visa landed on 30th September 2016 then got the partner visa in June 2018.. so does the time on the working visa count or only the partner visa?
  11. Lauren L

    309 visa - with baby

    Hi Jon, Thanks for your reply Unfortunately I cant get naturalized as i'm only within the 1st 2.5 years of the UK spouse visa...
  12. Lauren L

    309 visa - with baby

    Hey guys, First time aussie living in the uk and married to a Brit! We are looking at starting the 309 visa process for my wife so we can move back to Oz (I’m an Aussie on a uk partner visa). My question is- we are looking to have a baby in the next 12-14 months but not sure how it will go with her visa application and I will be having the baby (yes we are both female :) ). 1. If I am pregnant before we lodge application do we have to advise them? 2. If I conceive after the application is lodged do we have to inform them? 3. If the baby is born in the uk is it an easy process to get the child Australian citizenship and an Australian passport?