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  1. Hello When applying online, it asks about the status of the sponsor. the options are citizen by birth, citizen by grant, NZ citizen. My sponsor is a citizen by descent. We did some research online and Birth, Grant & Descent are clearly established as 3 different way of being an Australian citizen. However, 'Citizen by descent' isn't an option during application. Does that mean you should tick nothing, or tick 'Grant' ? Thank for your help!
  2. caribus

    Citizen by Descent not an option

    Now that's just me being curious but.... Imagine the sponsor is citizen by descent but has never lived in Australian. So you tick 'by Grant' then the next question it asks is 'date of arrival in Australia'. You wouldn't be able to out anything there because you've never lived there, so you wouldn't be able to go any further with the application. That's not our case as my sponsor did live in Australia for her entire childhood but that makes me wonder if Grant applies to a citizen by descent! It's not asking for a date of grant but a date of arrival. Clearly it would make more sense for them to add Descent as an option!
  3. caribus

    Citizen by Descent not an option

    Thanks Ingers, you're everywhere! During the initial application we didn't tick anything and later on realised we should probably have, so we used the 'notification of incorrect answer' to explain our confusion. Hopefully it'll be ok. As we have to do the 40sp from the sponsor's immi account too now, we'll tick 'Grant' this time. It's already a mess Thanks all for your help.
  4. caribus

    Citizen by Descent not an option

    Thanks for your help Jon, much appreciated!
  5. Hello, I lodged my application a few days ago, online. We answered all the questions during application, including the questions related to the sponsor. Now when I login to my immi account and look at the application, there's the section with my name where I can upload all the supporting documents, and there's a section with my sponsor's name (my girlfriend) where we can upload document relevant to her. Do we still need her to lodge a sponsor application (40SP) from her own immi account linking it to the TRN? We started that process too but the questions are exactly the same as the ones she answered about herself on my application so we are massively confused. Thanks for your help!
  6. Amazing, thanks Ingers, we'll do that then. Thanks for your help!
  7. In case a picture makes more sense
  8. Thanks Ingers. It's very confusing. We lodged the application from my account, and straight away my sponsor's name was there too, and we can upload documents for her in my immi account. If she logs into her immi account, there's no trace of it, so we thought she should lodge a sponsor application with my TRN from her immi too, and when we started doing that, the questions were exactly the same as the oneswe had already answered about her during my application (the 'Sponsor' details part of my online application. Sorry if my message seems confusing!