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    489 visa Grant waiting 2018

    You are absolutely right.. I am not looking for false hopes but at the same time their post are not relevant and I don't see anything matches related to what they say on Google. As per their answers you pay bunch of fees and still your visa will be cancelled as if it's a joke. if this is the case the first and 2nd step (ACE+EOI) were not supposed to be there. Only after all the documentation, medical and character certificate and alot more, we reach to this level. It's is not that they will just reject your visa until there is a "very very solid" reason without substitute or for any over night rule, in that case no one will apply for Australian Visa. I don't think people have tones of money and time to just take this risk. Even in a case like maternity for medical issue, visa authority give you time to get that sorted rather just cancelling the visa and those are the cases which take 9 to 11 months to get grant. The timing is not sure it can take from one week to one year to get the visa as per the situation however not getting visa is not just a normal case. Unfortunately the answer from Nemesis shows that not getting visa is like 9 cases out of 10. (Hahahha) Anyways thankyou everyone for your time:)
  2. Dadda

    489 visa Grant waiting 2018

    So after EOI invitation we pay the total fees for visa aprox 3750+1875, the medical is clear and all the documents are submitted, after all these we wait for visa,, are you saying they still won't give the visa? Nemesis -You might fail the medical, you might not actually meet the requirements for that visa. TO ANSWER YOU - (if we fail the medical, the medical team will will give us proper medications and the visa time will get delay until medical is not clear, incase we have a disease which is not curable, the medical team will tell us within a week. If the visa requirement is fulfilled or not is decided at the time of EOI so unfortunately this answer is wrong. If so, I would appreciate if this time you can redirect me to some link where it is mentioned please? As far as I am aware at the time of ACS when you submit all the documents and then 2nd step EOI, where we get the invitation from the country or state, it is decided that they want us or not and then only we receive the invitation or if we are not suitable or not in demand for the occupation, the application will be rejected. After all these steps, we pay the total fee of around 4500AUD for visa and it is just the waiting time which can be longer or shorter(7-12 months) to get the visa stemp. Clear me if ai am wrong:)
  3. Dadda

    489 visa Grant waiting 2018

    No, its the 489 visa(last step after EOI) which I applied in November. Why did you say they will reject the application? And if so, I would appreciate if you can direct me to some link, where it is mentioned.
  4. Dadda

    489 visa Grant waiting 2018

    Thankyou Jonand:) By any chance is there a possibility that the visa won't come at all I mean it can be cancelled or something like that what is it showed that visa will come but it's just about the time?
  5. Dadda

    489 visa Grant waiting 2018

    Hi Team, I would appreciate if someone can help me with my confusion. We have applied for Visa on 5th of November 2018 and submitted medical and all the documents including form 80 maximum by 10th of November and we have recently completed 2 months for south Australia 489 visa application. How long from now, should I expect the visa? I have no idea what's going on with our application as the visa application was submitted by the MARA agent and I have no idea or clue how to track it. He just asked us to wait but it is difficult sometimes:(