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  1. Out of interest, did all of those who’ve just received their grants have “approved” next to their sponsor application status?
  2. Things are looking up...congratulations @LottyC and @LouFerg
  3. My British passport expires in a year and I figure it would be easier/cheaper to renew it before heading to Oz. Is it best to renew it now (while my visa application is still in the queue) or wait until I’ve received my visa? My concern with waiting until after the visa is granted is that I assume my visa will be attached to my current passport??
  4. Ok, I guessed it possibly would be so it’s good to have confirmation of that, thanks. How would I update my passport number if I don’t renew until after being granted my visa - do I still use my Immi account or would there be some other way to update it?
  5. @Ingers @GemTrae Don’t get me wrong...I know there are lots of you still waiting who lodged well before me. Obviously each case, once looked at, can take varying amounts of time to process, and that’s probably dependent on all sorts of factors. However, from looking at the Immi website, they seem to have a queue system for the initial assessment. This, and looking at the spreadsheet, is what’s giving me hope that they’re now starting to look at the October lodgements. I realise that after it’s been first looked at it’s anyone’s guess at how long it takes, but at least there’s a glimmer of hope I didn’t mean to offend anyone...fingers crossed all of you who have been waiting for a long time hear something soon
  6. I’m hoping they’re now working through October lodgements...looks like there were some RFI’s for those applying at the start of October. We lodged on the 28th October, but no contact as yet. Just keeping everything
  7. Yeah, I agree...the waiting is torture and we’re relatively early on in the process. I don’t know how some of you who lodged in the middle of last year are coping. @Ingers we’re similar to you - been together for nearly 14 years and married for 12 this year. We’ve also got 3 kids (all Aussie citizens). I keep thinking it should be an easy “yes”, but there’s always this thought that I’ve filled something in wrong, or not provided enough evidence. Between waiting for the house to hurry up and sell and the visa to come through, I’m a nervous wreck!!
  8. W2O

    Spreadsheet crew does Shipping

    We’ve got a 5 bed house, although we aren’t planning on taking everything. When we had our quotes we said we were taking the following big items - 3 double beds, 3 wardrobes, 3 chest of drawers, 3 bedside tables, 2 TVs, big American fridge-freezer, a few desks, some office furniture. On top of this would be all the smaller stuff, plus 1 bike (I think ). No sofas, dining table/chairs etc though. We were told we were at full capacity for a 20ft container so it would be tight. Having a rethink now though about what to take, although I wouldn’t want to go over a 20ft!
  9. W2O

    Spreadsheet crew does Shipping

    Yeah, I realise that some older properties may not, but most of the properties I’ve been looking at seem to have them. When we had our quotes, we were just at capacity for a 20ft container (with the wardrobes). However, since then, we’ve had a rethink about what we’re taking so we’ll have to get them back out to give a more accurate quote anyway. Apart from the one wardrobe, they’re all Ikea (so not overly expensive), so unless we have room in a 20ft container, we’ll probably risk it and leave them behind.
  10. I wonder if anyone can help... I’m currently in the process of waiting for my offshore partner visa and am researching job opportunities/courses for when we make the move. I qualified as a nurse in the U.K. via the old DipHE route. However, since qualifying in July 2006, I haven’t actually worked as a nurse; I fell pregnant with our first child before securing employment and subsequently focused on bringing up our children (we now have 3). When we move to Australia I would be looking to return to work, and am interested to find out what sort of roles I could do within the healthcare setting. I understand that I would no longer be able to work as a nurse, but am wondering whether I would be eligible to apply for Assistant in Nursing roles based on my previous qualifications. Would I be able to apply with my existing qualifications or would I still be required to complete a Certificate III in Health Services Assistance? Also, can anyone give me an idea of salary please? The other option I’m considering is working in the childcare sector (teaching assistant/childcare worker etc). I don’t have any qualifications in this, and obviously the only experience I have is bringing up my own children. I’m assuming I’d have to do some sort of course either way, so I’m trying to assess which one I’d have more chance/opportunities with. Any advice welcome, thank you.
  11. @ali @Amber Snowball I wasn’t sure either whether those roles existed in Australia...essentially I was thinking of something similar to the role of an HCA in the UK. We’re moving to Brisbane and it looks like they do possibly have AIN roles, but far more for aged care. I know I don’t need to choose a job for visa purposes, but I need to make sure there will be enough roles for what I choose, especially as I will undoubtedly end up having to do some kind of short course initially. I really like the idea of working in the childcare sector, but am concerned about my lack of qualifications/experience (other than bringing up my own children) and my age (early 40’s now). Thanks for your replies
  12. I have done that, but was also hoping to get some advice from someone working in either of those fields possibly. Thanks
  13. W2O

    Spreadsheet crew does Shipping

    When we had our quotes (from PSS, John Mason, and Pickfords), none of them mentioned dismantling our Ikea furniture ourselves At least one of them mentioned Jeyes fluid, and making sure all bikes, shoes etc were scrubbed clean. The other point that we hadn’t thought of was that most bedrooms have built in robes - we’d planned to ship all the wardrobes, but won’t be now. Another point I hadn’t thought of was making sure none of the kids “artwork” has any cones etc attached to it. This is a great thread btw@Katiebobbles
  14. @simonp85 Ah, ok, thanks. I’ve been putting off doing that form because of having to remember dates of things...my memory is atrocious! I was hoping it wouldn’t be necessary, which is why I was enquiring.
  15. Hi @simonp85 I think maybe I’d seen a previous post on a forum about uploading it, or maybe we just uploaded it as another proof of identity...I can’t remember now, sorry. So can I ask if you uploaded a form 80?
  16. It’s really promising to hear that those of you who submitted at the beginning of October are being asked for further info My lodgement date is October 28th so I’m starting to feel hopeful I’ve done my police check and medical, and my husband (sponsor) has done his Aussie and U.K. police checks and uploaded his proof of U.K. Indefinite Leave to Remain, so hopefully we’re good on that front. The only thing I’m wondering whether they’ll want from me is the Form 80, which I haven’t completed. Did everyone else upload this form?
  17. We only applied at the end of October and I’m only planning on updating evidence because my husband has now gone out to Australia ahead of us. I was just going to provide evidence that we are in daily contact with each other. I’d be interested to hear whether others are updating as the process goes on.
  18. We were planning on being out there by the end of 2018 and I only applied for my visa at the end of October. However, as things have turned out, we’re still in the U.K. waiting for our house to sell My husband has gone out ahead of us to set things up and myself and the kids will go out as soon as possible. However, it does concern me what would happen if we ship everything out and they refused the visa because of some mistake (or lack of evidence). I know it’s ridiculous to think like that but it’s hard to think sensibly when you’re investing so much into it. The waiting is so hard, and I know I’ve probably got months still to go! Aarghhh
  19. @LouFerg All my husband's documents (he's the sponsor) were uploaded under his application, rather than his name under my application. Anyway, we uploaded his birth certificate, Australian passport, UK police check, Australian police check, his UK Indefinite Leave to Remain, UK driving license. That's all I can think of, off hand.
  20. @Katiebobbles so would your answer read “no” to the first question (Are there any migrating members of the family unit included in this application?). I’ve got 3 children and I can’t remember how the question was laid out now, but my answer when I look back at the form says “no”. I’m confused now and panicking I’ve answered incorrectly. I have got all the info about the children a bit further down (and the fact that they’re Australian citizens).
  21. @Urban_Fox I’ve just checked my form, and I answered “no” to the question “does the applicant have any members of their family unit not travelling to australia who are not Australian citizens or Australian permanent residents” My parents and sibling were added in the question underneath “does the applicant have any parents, siblings or children including those that are deceased” I can’t remember why I answered no to that question and I do recall some of the questions were pretty ambiguous. Hopefully someone else could maybe help with regards to whether we should answer yes or no - I’m worried I’ve answered incorrectly now
  22. @Urban_Fox I applied on the 28th October 2018 and my status also shows as received (applicant), and submitted (sponsor). I check regularly for any change, but nothing yet...I guess it’s early days. I don’t have any upload section for any other members of my family, other than my husband (who is the sponsor). I’m wondering if maybe you’ve accidentally ticked a box and that’s the reason you have that...puzzling Hopefully someone else can shed some light on that.
  23. W2O

    Bayside Living

    @Jane W Thanks for the reply, and yes, it would be good to hear how you get on, thanks.
  24. W2O

    Bayside Living

    Hi. I’m interested in this too - The Gap and Redlands (Cleveland/Thornlands) are the two areas we’re looking at settling in. We’re still in the U.K. at the moment, although my hubby has recently gone over with the intention of setting things up for us. I must say, I quite like the idea of sea breezes living bayside, but area is also very dependent on how good the schools are (hence why we were also interested in The Gap). Cleveland District SHS seems to be pretty good? Ours aren’t in high school yet, but our eldest will start year 7 next year.