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  1. We’re about to book our removal - could you pm me the name of this company please? Thanks
  2. I think they’re processed in the country you applied from. On my grant letter it states the processing office as Australian High Commission, London. Hopefully Canada is just as efficient at processing as London...good luck!
  3. No, we didn’t have to show any proof of savings etc. Good luck with the appeal @Ben34uk...hope you get some good news soon
  4. Thanks! That’s crazy that they want a 3rd police check...hopefully that’s all they’ll need and it won’t be long to wait now I need to make my first entry by 6th November (possibly when I had my U.K. police check by?). We’re going over next month so that’s all good anyway Good luck with yours!
  5. Thanks, and yes, very excited to go straight to grant I think you only applied a day or so after me? If so, maybe in the next couple of days Good luck!
  6. Thanks...yes very excited and definitely relieved! Despite being a straightforward case there’s always that doubt that you’ve missed something or not uploaded enough evidence. We’re aiming to move to Brisbane next month now (assuming the house sale goes through as planned ) - hubby is coming back shortly and then we’ll all go back over together . Hopefully you’ll hear shortly too - good luck!
  7. I was about to reply and say that we hadn’t submitted a form 80 or 1221 and that we’d have to wait and see if they were requested. Then, at lunchtime, I received the golden e-mails...both the 309 and the 100 (within a minute of each other). I am beyond excited and can finally breathe a sigh of relief. In the grand scheme of things it hasn’t been a long process (a few days over 5 months), but it’s still been stressful! Anyway, here’s our timeline: Applied from London 28th October 2018 Medical completed 8th November 2018 Sponsor application completed (online only) 18th November 2018 UK Police checks for me (applicant) and Australian & UK for my husband (sponsor) all front loaded All evidence uploaded within a month of the application One update to the application this year to inform them that my husband had already made the move to Australia, and to provide evidence we were in regular contact. No form 80 or 1221 submitted or requested and no agent used. We’ve been married 12 years and have 3 children (with aussie citizenship). No RFI - we just went from lodgement to grant and there was no change on my immi account until after it was granted. It now says Finalised for my application and Submitted for my husband’s application (Approved next to his name when you go to ‘view application’) Good luck to everyone else waiting - it really looks as though they’re moving through the London applications quite swiftly now.
  8. Can someone confirm whether you are allowed to ship your stuff over to Oz before you get granted your 309/100 visa? My husband and children are Aussie citizens and we’re currently waiting on my visa (5 months since lodgement date).
  9. Yes, that’s what we’ll do, thanks
  10. W2O

    Spreadsheet crew does Shipping

    @Jon the Hat @Katiebobbles Selling the house has been a nightmare for us too - it’s taken a lot longer than we anticipated! We have now sold stc, so just hoping all goes smoothly Good luck to both of you
  11. W2O

    Spreadsheet crew does Shipping

    When I asked the removal guys that we had out last week about how clean stuff had to be they both said to just make sure there’s no evidence of dirt I guess you just have to clean/scrub them as thoroughly as you can. I’ve put some of our trainers through the washing machine but you can still see bits of mud stuck in the grooves of the soles, so I think I’ll get a brush and scrub them by hand just to be certain. I hadn’t thought about the Jeyes fluid making everything else smell - that’s a good point to consider. The guy from Doree Bonner also said about cleaning the inside of our fridge-freezer with Milton to prevent bacteria from growing once it’s been disconnected. I was having a look into the Jeyes fluid and there’s a spray version - is that the one that is recommended? It sounded an easier option maybe
  12. Ha ha, I know that feeling - this whole process drives you nuts
  13. Another week and still nothing It’s more frustrating now because I feel we must be close to something happening...but the wait continues. Assume nobody else has anymore updates?
  14. Isn’t the form 40sp done online now - it’s the sponsor application which they have to complete online (either through the applicants account, or by creating their own immi account). My understanding is that the paper version of the form used to be filled in before it was all transferred over to the new system of online applications only Maybe I’m wrong, but we never filled in a paper version of this form.
  15. Yes, that’s what I feel. It was just that one of the removal companies said there could be an issue because I don’t have my visa yet. None of the other companies have mentioned this though, so I’m hoping he’s wrong.
  16. W2O

    Spreadsheet crew does Shipping

    I’ve got a representative from John Mason coming this morning so I’ll check what he says and let you know. I do get the impression that it’s very hit and miss though on whether they’re happy with the cleanliness or not. I have read that the smell of Jeyes fluid keeps them happy though so fingers crossed. I’ll be getting out the Jeyes fluid too in the next couple of weeks - we’re hoping to ship stuff at the end of April
  17. That’s great that you’ve had some movement, although I’m not sure about what they’ve asked for. I wonder why they’re asking for your UK police check if you’ve already submitted it...strange?! Did you fill in the section on the application about the nature of the household? If you did, then I’m not sure what they’re really asking for. I applied on the 28th October so really hoping that I hear something this week or next week
  18. I know...I’m the same...I just keep thinking I’ve left something vital out! I got really excited seeing some of the early October applications being granted but the flurry of grants seems to have ended As far as I’m aware, I’ve uploaded all the required documents and I’ve also updated them about recent changes. The only one I haven’t submitted is the form 80 which I’m really hoping they don’t ask for. I’ve filled in most of it so if it’s requested it shouldn’t take long to complete and upload. How about you?
  19. It’s all gone a bit quiet again lately...I’m desperately trying not to constantly check my immi account, but the waiting is driving me nuts! Anyone else heard anything or had any movement on their application?
  20. @Bensmithoz I’ve done the same as you - both UK & Oz police checks for my husband (sponsor) and only a UK one for me (even though I’ve visited several times). I hope that’s right
  21. Great news...congratulations This is all looking really positive again now. I submitted at the end of October but haven’t heard anything yet...hopefully not much longer though.
  22. Wow...that’s brilliant! Congratulations
  23. No...no sign of anything here, unfortunately I was getting quite hopeful seeing all the recent grants, especially some who applied only a month or so before us. I guess we have to be patient a little longer...
  24. W2O

    Partner Visa - Use Agent?

    We did it ourselves as we have a straightforward case (married for nearly 12 years and 3 Aussie kids). Only time will tell whether that was a wise decision or not, but It’s such an expense in the first place we just felt we couldn’t afford anymore money. Others will take the view that if you’re paying out $7,000 you ought to pay the extra to make sure it’s done properly. It’s a daunting process, but provided you’re genuine and can supply all the relevant evidence to prove it, then it should be fine to do it yourselves. You can always use this forum for advice...everyone is very helpful. Good luck!
  25. And you’ve just been granted yours haven’t you? That’s good to hear if that’s the case