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    RRV how much evidence to attach?

    Thank you. I've sent off enquires for some advice.
  2. lesleyB

    RRV how much evidence to attach?

    Thanks again everyone. No chance of a formal job offer without a visa and as feasbly it will be next year. I have made a good case in my personal statement and have kept contact with a lot of people including quite a few cousins and friends who are oz born and would be willing to back me up. But I may just look into an agent. Thanks again. Really don't want to mess this up.
  3. lesleyB

    RRV how much evidence to attach?

    Thanks for the replies everyone. I have built a good case as we always intended to return but time and then covid got in the way. I have proof of flights that were booked for all 3 of us in April 2020. Proof I have kept my nurse REG going as well as our bank account open. A letter from my late mum's gp confirming her illness and subsequent death and me being main carer from the time we left in 2014 having spent 3 years there previously from 2011. Only came back because of my mums failing health. I also have a letter off my team manager in oz saying there would be work for me if I returned. I guess my question is will this evidence support all 3 of us and would i upload it with each application? Thanks again for any guidance.
  4. lesleyB

    RRV how much evidence to attach?

    Just in the process of doing the online application for us. Myself, husband and 19 yr old daughter. Hoping to return March 2022. Didn't get back before it ran out in Aug 2020 and don't have the 2 yrs in the previous 5 so really hoping for 12 month visa. I have quite a bit of evidence that will cover us but as my daughter is now an adult will she need to provide her own cover letter of reasons etc or will it be looked at as a package if I just upload them all attached to mine? Hope that makes sense? Thanks for any advice.
  5. lesleyB

    Resident return visa

    Sorry for the late response Paul and Marissa and thanks for the replies. Had problems with app. We both worked in health care and I have kept my aus nurse reg going for past 6 years. We also have cousins and lots of friends still there and the offer of a job should we return. Kept bank account active also and heading back for hols in April 2020. Family reasons for return with my mum ill and she passed away a few months ago. No chance of making the move before 2020 when it runs out im afraid. Daughter is 19 and doesn't want to return so will remain in UK if we go back. If we do get a RR for one year again and go back 2021, what happens if say we're living there after the year runs out and we want to return to uk for a holiday? I plan on doing that every year as well as my daughter coming to see us. Hope that makes sense. Thanks, Lesley.
  6. lesleyB

    Resident return visa

    What's the chances of renewing our resident return visa if we havnt lived there in the 5 yr period? Original visa was PR as we came back after living there 3.5 yrs. Reapplied and given 5 yrs. Runs out in Aug 2020 but we have only managed a holiday within this time. Hope to get another RR to go permanently in 2021. Do u have to wait until it expires before u can apply for another? Any advice appreciated. [emoji4]
  7. lesleyB

    Resident return visa question?

    Thanks Paul. We fully intended being back before 2020 and it looks like we will be if all goes to plan. In which case we won't need it but my daughter will if she comes later. I suppose us living there will be substantial ties enough for her?
  8. Our situation- PR visa Granted 2009. Lived in oz for 3 1/2 years. Returned to UK 2014 for sick family reasons. visa ran out that year. Applied for Resident Return visa and it was granted until Aug 2020. Hopefully returning before then but what if it runs out? Will we be eligible for another RR visa having only been on holiday there in last 5 years? if we can get another, how long will we get? And if my daughter doesn't come (she's not on board at the moment), will she get another RR visa at a later date if she changes her mind after weve gone? She was 8 when it was originally granted and will be 19 next year. I've tried looking on the gov website but can't find answers to my specific questions. If anyone can help that would be fab. Thanks in advance.
  9. Hi Andrew thanks for that.
  10. Just reading a few threads and wondering if I would end up paying oz tax on my UK tax free lump sum if I move back to oz next year? I'm a permanent resident thinking of returning after moving back to UK in 2015. Thanks for any advice.