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  1. Dani9569

    Sydney is a terrible place

    Born and raised in Sydney and seen almost every part of it, through my 18 years of living through many diffrent suburbs, seeing everything and every attraction, going everywhere multiple times, of course I have not been around the whole of NSW but it gets to a point where in my mind everything feels the same no matter where I am in Sydney. I remeber as a little girl rent was about $500 for a 3bedroom house where as now it’s about $900 at its lowest, the construction and constant change that’s going on never stops, stand on a balcony and count how many cranes you see on the horizon, see any stars when u look up at the night sky? It feels as though nature and man made have made the switch in Sydney, it feels like it was birthed a concrete state and natures common things like, grass and trees where later placed ontop to look pretty when infact these things were always here but crushed by the tall buildings, pollution, business people and the rich. before, going to the CBD used to feel magical, like an excursion better then any school one, big shop windows, displays, buskers looked as though they where performing through passion, they looked alive as so did the city and atmosphere whereas now it looks to be a burden it feels as though they aren’t apart of the city anymore and more so performing to stay afloat with the required socio economic status. Now it’s full of ear aches from welding and jackhammering. The streets feel as though they are getting smaller and smaller every day with more people crowding them. the air feels thick with stench of waste and unatural smells. But these things don’t lurk around the CBD anymore it’s trevelling outwards like lots of bursting holes in water pipes spreadimg to suburban suburbs. There are so many more topics I could write but the point of this is that Sydney has gone to shit and I need to get out just wondering if anyone eles felt the same way?!!