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  1. Bensmithoz

    Adelaide Suburb Maps

    Yeah, I think that's sound advice. love Hahndorf, I'm sat staring at a painting that we bought from "Decor Dreams" right now (which we'll now need to pay to ship back!)
  2. Bensmithoz

    Adelaide Suburb Maps

    Hi, We've just accepted an offer on our house so only now are we starting to get excited...fingers crossed it'll all go through in 6-8 weeks as no upward/downward chain! Hoping to be in Adelaide by the end of October.....still unable to hand our notices in at work so it's going to be an intense couple of months! We've gone round in circles so many times now on areas that I'm not sure what we're thinking anymore....interesting to have a look back at the map with homely ratings, some of the widely talked about hot suburbs score lower than we were expecting but so hard to know how accurate they are given your own specific circumstances. There's certainly some lovely properties with a bot of space up in the hills. eh?
  3. Bensmithoz

    Spreadsheet crew does Shipping

    Hi there - I remember you being very helpful on the "pre-visa grant" thread - and I recognise a few others from the same time on this thread....which we've only just spotted!(OK, looked for) I do hope that your house sells soon - we accepted an offer this week but it's been a rollercoaster and we've yet to navigate through surveys etc. So, we're thinking we may be in Adelaide 10 weeks from now and the whole shipping challenge is therefore upon us - looks like I'll be selling strimmers/mowers/leafblowers/Karcher washer etc, cant really justify $200 a pop if customs wish to re-clean them. Will be organising quotes so will update with quotes and anything else that could be helpful info to you all.
  4. Hi all, We're another family from the Midlands making the move to Adelaide - We're near Stafford.....just accepted an offer on our house so hoping to be in Oz by the end of October I've been putting off the whole shipping thing but it's about time we started getting serious I guess. We are a family of four (although kids are only 2 & 3 so not too much that we'll need to take for them) Trying to get a rough idea - I looked at some online calculators who said c£5K for a 3 bedroomed house? To be honest, we'll be taking less than that as leaving sofa's/mattresses, wardrobes. The movecubes looked to be around £2K but a bit unclear what the add-ons mounted up to. Interested to keep an eye on the thread and will share anything we find out too.
  5. Bensmithoz

    Adelaide Suburb Maps

    Hi, we too are a family of 4 with 2 young children (2&3) heading over to Adelaide in the autumn (my wife & kids all have citizenship, I’ve just got my 309/100 PR visa) we’re going in circles around suburbs, I guess that’s because quite a few seem nice. Initially we thought city (wife’s mom is in Prospect) then loved the views and space in Belair and surrounding (maybe not the snakes and spiders) then the beach suburbs of Henley/ Glenelg, after all, surely that’s the dream? Then the eastern suburbs like Toorak gardens. Now completely confused. We need to think about the schools too!
  6. Congrats! Is that all of the October’s now done?
  7. No change for us, last night I logged on to Immi and it just stated “received”. We literally had zero communication from paying our fee to getting the grant. Fingers crossed for everyone still waiting
  8. That’s great. Thanks for sharing. We are hoping g to hear something (anything.....) this week. cheers
  9. Congrats to you, that's great news. It's been a quiet couple of weeks it seems so let's hope there's a few more about to be granted.
  10. Bensmithoz

    Adelaide Suburb Maps

    Hi there This is amazing, thanks for sharing all your hard work! We are hoping to hear back on my Partner Visa soon with a . move out later this year - we have a 2yr old and a 3yr old so trying to settle on suburbs is like playing pin the tail on the donkey! We are currently interested in the easter, south eastern city suburbs, the eastern coastal suburbs and possibly just into the south eastern hills.....I think this is just the thing we need to start narrowing down a bit. Nice to know we're not the only ones heading to Adelaide too. Cheers
  11. That’s great news for you, congratulations!! What a great start following the Bank Holiday. our DOL was 26th Nov so any RFI’s may come very soon..or better still, straight to Grant.
  12. Hi CattyB and Bruce down under (how do you reference people in the thread like I see everyone else doing ) Same timescale for us and no acknowledgement other than a receipt so far. I don’t think anyone is told when they have a case worker assigned, I guess a RFI or Grant is when you find out (could be wrong, not sure what others have to say?) There’s been some activity for Nov applicants, RFI’s in the last week so hopefully we’ll hear soon. is anyone involved in any other threads on the forum? Any particularly useful to read? cheers
  13. Hi there, Great news, sounds pretty straightforward for you. We are 1 week behind you and haven’t heard a word from them since the day we paid. Fingers crossed it’ll be next week.
  14. Good luck to all the November applicants this week (& everyone else). lets hope it’s a week of grants with no RFI’s I'm sure they’ll want to clear a load off before the Bank Holidays!